People who take Harry Potter too seriously



FFS i don’t even rate Harry Potter beyond ‘quite good’ and now I’m amped and ready to die for Hiffledick or whatever


Yes it’s obviously framed from the Tory end of the spectrum. Their derogatory terms for normal people doesn’t help.


surely there are no inception fan forums.


So this Harry has magic powers, is that what we’re to believe?


I think this is more a reflection on how you’ve interpreted it, which is understandable as you’re a good person, rather than the intended message.

The fact that the nostalgia will be largely irrelevant for the intended audience doesn’t mean it has no impact…it creates an image of things “should” be in this hypothetical world.


Probably are nested forums tbf.


:smiley: have you paused to consider this might apply to you instead?



fuck i kind of want that more than whatever gestures above is


so I’m a bad person? :frowning:


With the most recent replies at the top.



Surely Rowling’s only initial intention was to make some mad cash rather that pushing an imperialistic agenda?


Magic in harry potter is a metaphor for money.

The entire thing is about the honourable centrists (“we’re fiscally conservative but socially progressive”) saving the world from hard-nosed hard-right neo-cons.

Hagrid is socialism.


Just gonna write this funny comment on my arm so I remember it tomorrow mate.


:smiley: or you’re the one misinterpreting something. I’m not saying you are, I just wonder if during all of this you’ve considered that it’s even possible,


Kind of like Boris Johnson then…expect swap “mad cash” for “personal political gain”


Wonton has upped us to 'Rowling = Boris Johnson".


Ive never consider jo Roleys family. They’ve done well to not be in the public eye I guess.


I think both of these things can coexist. Like obviously people who like Harry Potter don’t (generally) like it for its romanticisation of classist structures, and it might not have been the authors intention, but if its there then its a fair thing to use as a critique if its reflecting this sort of stuff uncritically (I’ve not read any of them in years so not commenting on its validity)


Her son is Ed Sheeran and her husband is Dan Brown