People who take Harry Potter too seriously



Jacob Rees Mog would not look out of place in a Harry Potter film.


Kind of…essentially I wouldn’t say that either myself or Aphex are making “incorrect” interpretations…I just think it’s an important insight into JK’s view of british values. I don’t think her aim was archly political, and by that means it is an effective piece of escapism, but some of the tropes she uses to display the “good” element in the world align a little too closely, for me, to imperialist values.


Sure. You can suggest that enjoying a work of children’s fiction is an unconscious desire to be part of a ruling class that plays to a very deep-rooted sense of aspiration in society. I’m not sure if when it’s something so at the core of our being you can blame the writer or reader for that (which is what i know you’re saying anyway)


I think it’s a big stretch to assume that Rowling’s intended message is to promote a society run by all-powerful elites. I think it’s more that of everyone is magic then it’s an intrinsically different and potentially less captivating scenario. And as soon as you’ve invoked ‘magic’ you’re open to all sorts of plot-holes or inconsistencies? Why aren’t they using magic to end poverty? Because it’s a book about how wondrous a magic school would be and escapism is sometimes fine.


To maintain the status quo and keep the 1% on top of course. :wink:


I think my last point more accurately represents my view on this subject. I don’t actually think imperialism has anything to do with HP’s message…but it is present in the unconscious bias shown by the author.


99% of horror and sci fi taps in to ideas of otherism, xenophobia and god-complexes. All of religion does too mind you.

Can we take down Catholicism before we go for the Ramenclams please




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ITT: People who take Harry Potter too seriously



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