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Harry Potter - A TL;DR*

I’ve been reading this thread in bored moments whilst marking Macbeth essays so I thought I would share some thoughts in response to some of the ideas floating about. I have spent a lot of my life with HP both as a teacher and as a Dad (read all seven books out loud twice - where’s my medal?) and here are some thoughts:

  1. Harry Potter politics. I think there’s some fairly ungenerous interpretations of the political underpinnings of HP in this thread. Yes, I fully admit, Boarding Schools are massively Tory, but looking past this the whole narrative thread of HP is a battle against fascist forces. Voldemort and other associated antagonists want to make the wizarding world into a fascist state (see the ‘Magic is Might’ statue erected in the Ministry of Magic - the show trials and purges attempting to ensure the ‘purity’ of the wizarding world etc). Harry and the goodies are locked into a fight against fascism which becomes more explicit and heavy handed in the final three books. To be on the side of good in these novels you have to accept that those without the same powers and privileges as you (the muggles) are equally worthy of good treatment and respect; those on the side of evil treat those who do not have their powers and privileges as sub-human.

  2. There’s a lot of decrying of the old fashioned and cosily middle England stylings of HP in this thread, which is entirely legitimate in 2018 with the horrors of brexit looming. I can understand why people would feel that the romanticisation of bowler hats and arcane games in boarding schools doesn’t sit easily with us. However, it is worth remembering that the HP books are not products of our age anymore. The first books were written in the late 90s when the internet meant, if you were very lucky, plugging a phone line into the back of an old pc to slowly download a maincs guitar tab. Yes, they call back to an old-fashioned world in many places (and it took two books before JK realised that names could have different ethnic backgrounds) but they are also products of the past themselves: if they feel old fashioned, to an extent, it’s because they’re old.

  3. Harry Potter books do not have the same impact on children’s reading as they did ten or twenty years ago. These days students I teach tend to refer to HP as “movies” and these have definitely taken ascendancy over the books themselves as the main way for young people to access the stories. There still are a lot of young people who do read HP; but it’s not nearly as universal as it was when children were growing up as the books were coming out and the only way to keep up with the stories was to read them.

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Magic, in the HP world, is a metaphor for wanking.


I remember how bad I felt walking around Cambridge once, that’s basically like the real world Harry Potter land isn’t it


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