People who take Harry Potter too seriously



there are no hipsters in HP. So cambridge is somehow worse if you’re going by those terms


I just remember a bunch of posh people doing amped up public displays of their eccentricities…

This is basically what HP is from the two movies I’ve seen


I don’t think this is right. To the ‘good’ side of the wizarding world, Muggles are amusing, piteous creatures that nonetheless represent a threat to the wizarding way of life via their sheer weight of numbers and so must be rigorously kept away from it. An apartheid, aided by a swarm of liaisons and careful etiquette, has thus been created. Intrusion, however unmeaning, is met with ruthless mass mindwiping. It’s done for the Muggles’ own good, you see.

That this is festooned with all the nostalgic trappings of a pre-war Britain makes for very uncomfortable reading if you know anything about the Empire. Rowling clearly wrote this blithely without fully thinking through the implications of it. And that’s fine, particularly in the earlier books! They’re just kiddie books about a secret wizard world!

But then the series got darker and heavier, working in concepts of death and wider meaning, and it stands out to me that Rowling never really interrogates the apartheid she constructed. There’s surely a Dumbledore ramble there about why the wizards squirreled themselves away from the real world, about power and responsibility that they denied themselves. Instead it remains entirely unquestioned. Voldemort vs. Potter is indeed The Third Reich vs. The British Empire, but Rowling never bothers asking whether the latter are anything other than ‘good’.


Hey! I wouldn’t argue what @xylo is arguing.

IMO he completely misses the point which is that having a single favourite book is weird, which it is. I have lots of favourites. How could I have a single one. Same with music, films, etc. So I am unable to really empathise with someone who just has one favourite in any of these. He seems to be arguing that it’s fine because we’re illogical, which seems like a cop-out to me.

(Although I agree that just liking one team for ‘reasons’ does seem odd if you just adopt an aloof ‘logic only Fedora’ view because, yeah, what makes up a football team isn’t really what people have a team for, but it’s weird strain of sophistry to try to make a big argument out of it.)

This thread is great.


i’m arguing it’s fine because “someone who doesnt think like me must be weird” is an equally silly argument. it’s all harmless and shouldn’t be framed negatively just because someone doesn’t have favourites in the way you do. that’s total fucking madness


also love that comparing it to football makes me aloof but that doesn’t apply to those taking a pop at potter fans. the longest hmmm in the world, son.


I think you and @scagden make good points.

I think Scagden accepts the reality of the story though, he was just pointing out the spirit of it.

I feel like the muggles vs wizard split can’t be seen as purely paralleling something like apartheid because there’s a whole layer here of secretly powerful individuals vs the mass without powers. Like the power of privileged classes over the poor always feels distinct from the superhero thing of real magic, which is part of what this is tapping into. And kids do love that notion of a secret world of power most don’t know about. Also so does David Icke. Maybe I’ve done myself.


Woah, calm yer xylos!

I only mean that you know already why supporting teams is both illogical on the level you are using but entirely logical for the reasons of tribalism etc. which is why it happens. So to interrogate love of football in the way you seemed to be doing was to pull in the ‘aloof logic’ thing. Hence my reference to sophistry.


but i spose the reason i interrogated it to that level was to prompt the response i knew i’d get: “ah but my hobbie is okay to be into.” coz all of it is tribalism and illogical (or at least irrational) in equal measure. soccer and quidditch alike!

nb: my xylos are calm but ya steamed in with some words in my mouth a lil there sweet theo <3


Hah hah. Okay well reading your barny with aggers up there it looked very different. I dunno, maybe you were both arguing so minor a point that it didn’t really matter.

I’m definitely on his side. If you have one favourite in a field of art that seems odd. A football team is by nature an ever-changing thing so if it’s your favourite then that works. Just like if your favourite game is Scrabble or something, it’s different to play every time. There’s an element of change to it.

But even my favourite album one day or book or film, isn’t the right one for another day so I can’t really understand just the one, eh?

Obviously I’m not going to have a go at someone who does and maybe describing it as ‘a bit weird’ is a little on the aggressive side of expressing that but heigh ho x


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They all go to a secret school where they learn how to blend coffee


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