People who take Harry Potter too seriously



I have to say I completely disagree with this take. I totally understand with you that there are plenty of problematic elements with HP, but I think that your criticisms just aren’t really grounded in the text(s)

The idea that the wizarding world “squirrelling itself away” as some kind of “apartheid” is just bizarre. It is clearly explained several times (whenever underage magic use becomes an issue, for example) that the wizarding world went into hiding and enacted their secrecy statue as a form of protection against persecution. In fact this is one of the bits of the book with a basis in historical fact: people suspected of witchcraft were burned, hanged and generally persecuted. If they did posses the ability to hide their community away from their persecutors, it makes perfect sense for them to do so.

The wizards are not a ruling elite who attempt to impose their rules on the muggle majority (as, for example, the white SA arpartheid actually did). The only characters who want to dominate or interfere with the muggles are the explicitly evil ones. The only times that they make any interference with the non-magical world is to warn them of dangers (Sirius Black’s escape, Voldemort generally).

The attitude of the wizards towards the muggles varies from character to character but “Muggles are amusing, piteous creatures” just isn’t true. The Weasley Dad for example venerates muggles and is as much in awe of their technology as they would be of his magical powers.

Again the “apartheid” claim simply isn’t true if you consider attitudes towards marriage etc. The only characters who have issues with magical/non-magical relationships are the evil ones. In the case of Hermione, born in a non-magical family, it is the good characters who accept and welcome her and the evil ones who call her “mudblood” because of her ancestry. If the wizarding world was any kind of apartheid state then people of mixed or muggle ancestry wouldn’t get anywhere near Hogwarts in the first place.

I’m not a super HP fan. I can accept that it is problematic in certain areas. And don’t get me started on the awfulness that is the final book. But I think you’re unfair and I think that the overall messages of HP are far more positive than you are allowing.



bit of a controversial take scagden but i guess i can’t argue with your reasoning, very cool post.


What’s up with Slyverin though. What’s going on there?


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It’s funny how the opposite of taking it too seriously is to not just not care that much, but instead to argue at length others take it too seriously


I think the thread got derailed a bit, but in a nutshell:

Reading and enjoying HP: fine

Constantly referring everything back to HP and using the houses and sorting wand as some kind of personality identifier: twat’s behaviour


Don’t buy this. And I was going to bring Ron’s dad up! He’s regarded as a weirdo for his interest in Muggle tech, and he’s been sidelined into the most backwater department in the entire Ministry. That is supposed to be an insight into how the whole wizarding apparatus views ordinary people. And you took that as respect?

The other uncomfortable aspect which should be obvious to anyone reading that is never addressed is that the wizards are in essence hoarding a vast amount of power. An instantaneous travel system, the ability to kill and fly and regrow limbs and transform at will, an ability to fucking time travel is the tip of the iceberg of their abilities (all mostly carbon neutral, by the way! They live on this planet too!) But they’ve squirreled themselves away - I’ll use that phrase again - because… they fear persecution? Interesting how holders of immense powers develop victim complexes in order to justify keeping it to themselves, isn’t it? Can you admit at least that this is never adequately addressed, why the wizards cannot help the whole of humanity?

You’re of course right that this isn’t apartheid in the true sense of the word, and I reiterate that were this just a light tale of a whimsical secret world, as the first couple of books more or less are, it’d be silly to draw these criticisms up. But these are immensely influential works that actual adults use for political analogy, and the author herself takes extremely seriously. For me the interaction between the Muggle and the wizarding world is the most interesting potential dynamic in the series, but it’s obvious Rowling was never particularly interested in fully exploring it, or shied away because it was too difficult to properly justify.




I mean some people do base their sense of identity/personality on their interests, I know I certainly do


Basing your identity on reading or on the genre is fine, sure, I read shitloads of comics, but basing an identity on the specific contents of any book is just weird IMHO.


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