People who take Harry Potter too seriously



Ripped it right out of Rupert Grint’s chest.


my winning smile


Why though? Keep messing this post up, but something about how people on the spectrum will often have narrowly focussed intense special interests, whilst this probably doesn’t cover all hp obsessive it might some (whether they know it or not), I’m sure no one would judge them for their interest, so it’s probably best not to label anyone weird for the same behaviour


this’ll probably do in itself tbh


why can’t you judge people if they lose perspective and cannot be self-critical?


I’m sure no one judges me for my interest in Star Wars and the smashing pumpkins


Well in my argument because it has the unintended effect of also stigmatising autistic behaviour


can’t autistic people be self-critical?


I think it’s more that while special interests are obviously completely fine, we shouldn’t be enforcing them on people who aren’t interested. The thread kicked off with a tweet about someone doing exactly that.

That’s what e.g. football fans keep getting wrong.


Of course, but I don’t think behaviour that is a natural part of their condition would be a valid basis of self criticism


Yeah, this is a much better articulation. I’m not trying to shame anyone for what they enjoy (at least I hope not) but the constant stream of shit relating to those books is quite overwhelming.


Classic Grundlepoo.


Yeah definitely, but a lot of the discussion since has been about what is ‘normal/weird’ etc


yeah that’s fair and I guess it’s a difficult one.

It’s hard for me to separate intense geek fandom and people who identify their sense of self strongly with a corporate brand from the sort of gamergate types who kick up a massive fuss when their favourite franchise is changed and send death threats and abusive stuff to creators for ruining their fantasy.


i mean i’m yet to have to swerve my route in a train station to avoid an army of HP fans yelling songs about being BLUE ARMY while swaying drunkenly (to jazz) so I still have more time for the Pottertwats




i think it’s pretty easy to separate if you use the bar ‘death threats and abusive stuff’


I don’t think those are seperable


I don’t think we’re ever going to see eye to eye on this issue at all! The idea that you don’t like HP because the later books should be the wizards setting up Muggle Outreach Charities is one I’m struggling to get my head around. I don’t think you’re right to scoff at their sense of victimhood. They were persecuted. They were burned at the stake. And you have a much rosier view of human nature than me if you think that a group emerging from the shadows in the modern day going “hey there are a small handful of us and we have immense powers, how are things? Can we help?” wouldn’t be hounded, feared, persecuted and vivisected in windowless government facilities.

Look at the beginning of ‘Goblet of Fire’. The Death eaters torture the muggles, the good wizards save them and protect them. Yes, they wipe their memory of the event, but as a self-preservation measure. There is no way that their culture or way of life could exist with general exposure.

I get it; HP is problematic in many ways but I think you’ve seen one too many JK Rowling tweets or something and gone rather off the deep end here.


Less so for the football fans though, AMIRITE?

I am not