People who take Harry Potter too seriously



big fan of the smashing pumpkins, we should get a thread going


as in they’re either doing it or they’re not. and if they are, they’re scum imo. And if they’re not, they’re not hurting anyone.


I mean I am in an area where Millwall fans (not all obv) tend to pride themselves on coming off as violently aggressive so


Just change the thread title of that thread to “People who take Billy Corgan too seriously”.



Woah are you saying Hogwarts… is israel?



barry porgan

i’m…i’m really sorry :expressionless:


:smiley: <3


I just don’t think it’s a healthy relationship to have with a creator and their work but then I would say that


tbf you are nothing if not consistent old friend :slight_smile:


I mean it’s all fine as long as people are capable of remembering that there’s human effort and time involved in creating these things and they don’t just spring out of nowhere to indulge our need to feel special :slight_smile:


How did slagging off people who consider being a ravenclaw a personality trait turn into this


probably coz it started like this tbf


Reckon a few contributors to this thread are undercover Slytherin agents seeking to sew discontent.


Not naming names though, obviously.



I’m offended or grateful depending on what a Slytherin is.


Should have put light heartedly slagging off, anyone who takes serious offense to a bunch of diehard harry potter fans needs to calm themselves down


people love worldbuilding*

*not all people, but most people. The better built the world the more you get people immersing themselves in it. With the constant caveat that they’re not hurting anyone, i’m down with that. life is fucking quagmire of shit for the most part - someone wants to dress up as a wizard i’m down.


It’s a sleek wizarding sex toy.


exactly, and as we’ve also established anyone who takes offence to anyone who takes offence to anyone who takes offence to a bunch of diehard harry potter fans ALSO