People who take Harry Potter too seriously



They’ve gone Galt. This was all explained in Voldemort’s fifty-page speech in the seventh book.


just sad that we can’t worldbuild the real world with the same love am I right?


and from over the hill surrounded by white horses rode Jeremy


sorry I don’t get that reference I haven’t read a book for 12 years


I was merging LOTR and Jeremy Corbyn


you should read a book this year btw


oh ok. Jeremy seems nice


remember when he ate that pringle?

Made me really happy


You mean when Deathly Hallows came out?



seems like such hard work.

Maybe I could get an audiobook of a classic or something


nah I think it was when I dropped out of philosophy so it was probably David Hume’s treatise on some bollocks


haha yeah learning is shit


Sorry, I know you run a bookshop so this probably seems offensive to your lifestyle choices but it was really boring stuff!


Just a shame books are the only way to learn anything :frowning:


David Hume’s writing is tedious in the extreme, tbf.


do you know what is a good book? harry potter


No more sizzling takes, please.


oh my god it was so bad. Seemed like every sentence took at least a paragraph. By the time I got to the end of a page I had completely forgotten what he was saying at the start


Made it halfway through a Nietzsche book this year, that was better written at least


David Hume’s writing is tedious in the extreme, tbf.