People who take Harry Potter too seriously



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this is a bit, we have cars, so why bother with the activity that shall not be named


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Yeah, this is fair and I’m happy to leave it there. It’s heartening that you feel it’s had a genuine positive impact upon the younger generation, and I don’t have the real life experience to argue against that.

There was something I was striking at beyond the internal logic of the book - that that simplistic ‘fascism = bad, tolerance = good’ message has troubling consequences if you don’t drill beneath it, consider the structures, which can be seen in Rowling’s own political views, and the adults who for instance take to twitter to eagerly compare Trump to Voldemort. But you of course are right that it isn’t fair to weigh these charges upon a children’s book, however undying and invested in it the author herself is with it, and ultimately there are far worse messages out there to drum into kids.


I would agree with all of that, absolutely. I think that’s a good place to leave it and I think we’ve found some positive common ground.


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A selected bunch of kids go to an exclusive boarding school where old white people teach them about the huge power they have privileged access to - it’s Tory propaganda!

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Hagrid did join ISIS though…


You seen the size of her more recent efforts? Any editor she had was asking if she had any scraps on the factory floor to bulk it out a bit. “You know what it’s like to go hungry at Christmas Jo, that’s the whole fucking printing industry now.”


oh sure, more recent is diff. in terms of potter, especially in the formative parts of world building, she would have been edited to buggery tho


Morning commute: one of the greatest writers of all time

Evening commute: this pile of garbage.

Have no idea why I kept going. I couldnt turn away :sweat:


:roll_eyes: That, in a nutshell, is why ahm oot.


Still reckon it would have a psychological effect knowing people want to burn you alive even if you could easily protect yourself from it happening


thought i’d give you guys a heads up


I don’t get those Funko things.


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I know they are so bad. I would actually like to like them because they are pretty cheap, and I like to go to things like comicons but when I’m there realise there is nothing for me, I don’t care about autographs, cosplay, I own most of the trade paper backs of comics I read. Getting into funkopops would give me a sense of purpose (might be a bit of an exaggeration).

But they just look bad, they just discard too much of the characters they are supposed to be so just look creepy. Worst thing is I am getting into them despite this, forbidden planet were selling the twin peaks ones cheap so I bought them, then I started looking into what other ones, got a kurt cobain unplugged one (sure he would have approved), now i’m inevitably going to get some buffy ones, the nerdist informs me there are some beetlejuice ones for halloween. slippery slope


show us yr kurt please


it is at my parents house, it is this one though (not the unplugged one as I thought but still better than the average kurt one as the sunglasses means it doesn’t have the beady eyes which make these things bad)

think I have an addictive personality, I feel like I ‘need’ to collect more even though they are pointless rubbish, reminds be of my bluray steenbook phase I went though a few years ago, don’t even watch films much