People who take Harry Potter too seriously



This has just reminded me that I’ve got a £10 voucher to spend in Forbidden Planet because they were sexist to my gf when we were in and they don’t sell anything in there she wants. Might get the new Saga.


or a couple of saga funkopops?


oh my god I thought you were joking


you want them now


I kind of want the Prince Robot one. Wtf is that Lying Cat one though.


quite like him tbf. collecting stuff is fun as long as you don’t think too much about how pointless it all is


this is obviously the goal


surely you’d want a bald corgan though, that’s his iconic look. maybe one sitting in a little funko rollercoaster


think the rare transitional ‘zero but with hair’ is when he was at the peak of his abilities

(would love a funko set of this photo, this is now the funko thread)


yeah I am actually bang up for collecting them, I just wish they looked better


uh huh huh huh



Like to think I take Harry Potter seriously, but not too seriously, which is why I can’t be arsed reading through 900+ posts. However as I’m sitting in a motorway service station with nothing better to do, I figured why not dazzle everyone with all that I know about the wizardly little tyke and his tremendous adventures: he plays some game with flying balls and broomsticks, which you can probably major in at Yale; Muggle; scar; something to do with casting a snake in a film which I couldn’t properly tell from the headline what the issue was; nobody likes Johnny Depp; kings cross; the nice king wizard is gay and this was apparently news.
That’s my lot. Bye!


it’s no “the hunger games book 2 - catching fire”, in my opinion, or any of the other hunger games young adult novels, furthermore


genuinely a bit curious about the open-world rpg thing that I’ve heard mentioned around. I’m assuming you just explore Hogwarts and that right? Though imagining it’s basically a real world-ish GTA kinda city but you can shoot fireballs or whatever sounds funny

which I’m just picturing would be

like I’ve got as much beef with the MacFarlane-industrial complex as anyone, but this is still one of the funniest things I’ve ever seen


saw a bunch of grown ups dressed up in Harry Potter gear the other day, presumably on their way to Harry Potter world or something

think it’s totally harmless and people need to stop going on about it

most people don’t read that many books full stop


they should all have been dressed as Walden from off of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden


an Oxbridge educated white British man making fun of adults for reading ‘childrens’ fiction is extremely dodgy


Plus, he’s shite anyway.


he’s of an ilk

definitely needs to retire


I know - there’s a lot of that going on in this thread in fact! #teampotter it’s just the inevitable video that gets posted when this comes up