People who take Harry Potter too seriously



just an endless war between elitists and anti-elitists scoring points isn’t it


we are all points


we’re all full of shit xylo


A slogan for our time indeed


for all time :heart:


harry potter and the stenographer’s phone


harry potter and the hors d’oeuvres menu at the phoenix bar and grill


harry potter and the fate of atlantis


Do you reckon they had antibants in Quidditch? Closest us muggles have to magic tbf


Hard to see past Arsenal winning the Inter-House Quidditch Cup from here


It’s one of those abiding mysteries of television why Family Guy is so shit and American Dad has a surprising number of moments.


i don’t think a favourite thing has to be something you’re in the mood for ALL THE TIME. i have lots of favourite albums for different moods, if pressed i could narrow my all time favourite albums down to a couple, which doesn’t mean i want to listen to them every day, i might go months without being in the mood to pick one of them up, and i’m open to them ceasing to be favourites if i tire of them or something else blows me away to a greater degree.

likewise i could name what i’d probably regard as my favourite book*, because it ticks off so many boxes for me, though i obviously like lots of other books and don’t just read that one over and over again, and i don’t think someone being able to pick one absolute favourite of something is automatically weird and odd just because you can’t. it seems like an overly strict definition of ‘favourite’ if you’re regarding it as something concrete and unmoveable and that must be enjoyed on a regular basis to count.

*it’s The Third Policeman by Flann O’Brien btw, which is much better than Harry Potter and you should all read it


Oh god this. I’m so glad someone has articulated this, because I feel like having to explain the concept of a favourite anything to adults who know full well that’s it’s a thing but just love them indie points so, so badly has been absolutely killing me.

Yes. This. All of this


I deal daily with people who are at a level of artistic and cultural and cerebral appreciation that awes me who still adore one specific book, and I love them for that. I’ll take them for years over those trying to explain to me that they shouldn’t like Potter because Flannery O’Connor was more articulate.


I’m not against favourites - I have many favourites. I just don’t have one favourite I can give people each time that sort of question comes up (I don’t even really have a narrow list of 10 in most cases).

In fact cheers for the character assination @Icarus-Smicarus of overlooking me saying

Obviously I’m not going to have a go at someone who does and maybe describing it as ‘a bit weird’ is a little on the aggressive side of expressing that but heigh ho

So you can say

i don’t think someone being able to pick one absolute favourite of something is automatically weird and odd just because you can’t.

So just to be clear. There’s a huge gulf between accepting other people can do something and not really understanding how come they do that and just pointing out “this isn’t how I think”. c.f. that fact that I fully accept people have religion/belief in god but as an atheist I cannot begin to understand having that belief. I don’t think those people are weird.


fair, i missed that line but based my post on


i should consider starting to read posts in full though i guess


Hey, it’s all cool man.




Got some tickets to The Cursed Child in about 8 months time as a 30th Birthday gift for the t/v. £15 per show so £60 in total which is great.

So, being someone who has never read or watched any HP stuff, but has absorbed the gerneral gist of it over the years… am I ok to just go?


Dorky kid is good at magic. Loves tory values. That’s the gist I think