People who take Harry Potter too seriously



Really close to being my life story, too.


you have 8 months to watch all the films




a friend was in a ltr with a harry potter fan, when they broke up he dated a couple of other people who also liked harry potter and it was triggering for him. i should ask him if his new girlfriend likes harry potter or if he’s still working through it.





@xylo pls appreciate


this is very good and i enjoy use of a legacy card




Haha you think I have that much spare time?

(gets home and immediately plays 8 hours of Red Dead)


Oh wow, you’d never have convinced me you could make this thread significantly worse.


this thread is a microcosm of western society since 1850. you think it’s hit bottom and then the bottom gives way, too.




Here’s one I grumbled about on Twitter

Yeah, the article is about a place being closed in NY that’s far older than Harry Potter


they stole this from clerks 2 but replaced LOTR with harry potter. “one ring to rule them” etc.


very bad


I worked with the guy who set up the British quidditch league… he was, bless him, exactly how you’d imagine the person who set up the UK quidditch league to be like.


I know it’s oft-repeated but my word is Quidditch dumb.


Better than football


It just looks like they’re running round wanking a baton :frowning:


I can’t work out what purpose the stick serves at all given that it doesn’t fly