People Who thread (relationship edition)


people who tag eachother in facebook posts despite the fact that they literally cohabit and spend every minute in eachother’s pocket


and then the other one comments on the post and there’s a really sickening back and forth.


and then post a picture of them saying “love this one!!1!”




people who talk about their partner using their first name as if you know them


When one of them says ‘we’, expecting you to know they’re talking about them and their TV without mentioning there name.


this is done for show, isn’t it? am i being cynical? look at the banter we have!


People who used Instagram/ Facebook to proclaim their love for their partner on Valentines Day

Tell them face to face/ send them a nice card an proclaim your love in that. I do not need to be party to it


My friend’s ex (it ended quite badly) still has pictures of them together in her ‘feature pictures’ section on Facebook. That’s quite weird, isn’t it?


People who do this are clearly going to break up in +/-2 months


scroll past it? do you honestly care? if public displays are what people want to do to express gratitude and love for one another then i’m honestly not arsed, but acknowledge that others see partaking in such things as a public declaration of commitment and intimacy, so they can post what they want on the internet, whatever. just cause you’re not as secure or confident doesn’t mean they should be banned.


yeah. on the other hand/extreme there’s something quite sad about torching every last trace of your ex off your profile/fbk history too


Love having a bit of banter with Mrs HYG on Facebook. The fact I now know it’s making a bunch of sad losers have a little cry will make it all the more enjoyable.


I’m not even on relationshipbook


But you only like it because other people can see and you get attention.


we know who the real winner is here, mate. it’s me


sure - just posting a minor irk on a lighthearted thread. Don’t want to ban anyone.


Guys, this stuff does NOT affect me in the slightest.

Why? Well, I need to let you in on a little secret…


but other people can see because they have, of their own accord, chosen to follow the ‘social’ feed of HYG.

Literally they have added or accepted an add to look at his life. They can mute it, they can unfollow it, they can just scroll down. Or… make a thread about it?


Nah they did it out of obligation, probably.