People who wear glasses are mega clever


Let’s confirm:

  • I am clever and wear glasses
  • I am not clever and wear glasses
  • I am clever and do not wear glasses
  • I am not clever and do not wear glasses
  • Other (please comment)

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just like bald men are sexier. much much much much much much much much much much much much sexier.


reckon it is because in the wild people with poor eyesight needed to get smarter to survive

So you’re saying that Pol Pot was… kinda right?

I’m incredibly clever in that I need glasses but don’t wear them because I look much hotter without them

According to this logic I should be super smart and slaying loads of hot puss ( can we still say, if it’s not meant seriously?). CWBAFT.


I started wearing glasses a few years ago, it didn’t seem to make much difference.

I would never not wear my glasses to a job interview - deffo project an air of competence with them on.

Would also never not wear them to take an exam - need all the extra brain power I can muster…


^all yous


I don’t wear glasses but get headaches all the time, people always tell me I should get my eyes tested, to which I reply ‘but I can see fine’ they tell me I should go anyway, so I go and get my eyes tested and they said I can see fine

Drink more water? Headaches often signs of dehydration

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yeah it probably is this, I exclusively drink fizzy drinks which are hard to drink quickly so I think I don’t drink enough

If they’re so smart why can’t they see properly?

Checkmate, glasses-wearers.



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lot of glasses wearers on dis

a friend of mine always wanted glasses, he didn’t need them and thought having frames with fake lenses would make him a poser, so he went for tests under conditions that he thought would be favourable to getting glasses, when he was hungover, eventually passed/failed the test and got glasses, then he decided they made him look too much like Moby


Is this Billy Corgan? The last sentence was the clincher

I wear glasses maybe 10% of the time and am of average cleverness. Maybe if I wore them more I’d get clevererer :thinking:

Here is some amusing glasses based fun from Adam Buxton…