People who you haven't spoken to for ages that call you out of the blue



Just got called by someone I haven’t seen for nearly three years and then probably a couple of years before that out of the blue. From Singapore! Twenty minute chat. Quite heavy. Not prepared for it.



How were they?


Did it to some uni friends the other week. They’re coming to stay over New Years now.

Bit much.


Quite well. I feel slightly drained.


I think you will feel less drained soon


Got to interview someone in 30 minutes!


Good luck @chris-budget!


They will be charming and competent and you will feel refreshed for having met them


I wish I did this. Loads of people I should call.


i’d be profoundly disconcerted if anyone who isn’t my mum phoned me on the actual phone without prior warning or a specific emergency reason


Usually a bit of a cry for help, but if we were close once I at least try to listen for a bit while panicking as always


Fuck that. Already done two today and one was ok so could do without this guy putting a cat amongst the pigs.


*tribute to Andrew Sachs.


is it possible to be profoundly disconcerted?


God rest his soul


up to the disconcerted s’pose




um, yes? what in the meaning of either of those words would suggest otherwise?


Friend of mine I hear from every few years, always turns out he needs me to countersign his passport, he seems to lose a lot of passports