People who

leave the foil top still half attached, rather than removing it completely, when they open a bottle of milk.



Reckon this is going to be extremely divisive, but before it all kicks off I’d like to assure you that you’re 100% in the right.


why wouldn’t they take it all off?

Guys, foppyish would like everyone to take their tops all off.

Everybody get (half) naked!

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I have no idea. But it seems to happen fairly regularly with the milk in my work fridge.

sometimes it rips in half and half of it stays stuck to the lid

not really acceptable is it, and anyone who says otherwise is not to be trusted

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perhaps they (mistakenly) believe that closing the lid with the foil seal still loosely attached will prolong the life of the milk better than it would otherwise

I think the remaining half is probably still removable.

That is not the scenario to which I am referring in the OP, though. I mean the foil lid being fully intact and just left flopping around on top of the bottle.

Take it all off for heaven’s sake. See also, leaving foil on cream cheese/big yoghurts.

That’s what they said a bout Leonardo Da Vinci when he had new ideas! Makes it easier to poor int to tea and keeps it fresher!

I do not believe either of these assertions.


What other stuff dont you ‘believe in’, gravity? Chemistry?

I believe in the gravity of the error in leaving the foil top attached.


*Part of the foil top attached

you’ve done yourself there, mango. outed as a non-foil-remover. how embarrassing

When your a visionary you come to expect this early stage criticism.I understand Andy change and innovation scare you.

history will judge us, jonny

It happens in our work too. I can only assume this comes from the type of person who’s so busy they can’t afford the side trip to put that foil bit in the bin as they carry their beverage out of the kitchen.

Total flume, basically, yeah.

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