People who

ask you if you’re free to do something at like 4pm on a wednesday or something

no mate, i have a job. unbelievable.


I have a job but could get out at 4pm on a Wednesday if I wanted to.

I usually don’t want to tho. Bake off night innit.


sometimes i finish at 4.30

I can probably make that 4 o’clock too, I mean if it’s urgent. Could nip out early, make the time up later.

Is that any use?

Work from home so could probably finish early whenever I wanted. Lots to do though so can’t imagine doing it without paying the consequences later in the week. Generally happy if I can keep things below 45 hours Monday to Friday.


never even been inside there.

there’s an alice in wonderland sign thing outside but i have no idea about the significance. i was waiting for a bus opposite it the other day.

alice in wonderland is a book and libraries have books. surprised I need to tell you this frankly.

EDIT : oh there’s been a film lately, probably trying to cash in on that. Smart Penge Library, real smart.

i should have mentioned that the spoons in penge is alice in wonderland themed too. what’s the significance?

I had this situation with someone who I was trying to schedule a date with once, they worked fairly odd hours so asked if I wanted to meet them at 3.

Hmmm the plot thickens. To the search engines!

Penge in Wonderland?? 2011

I used to meet people for 4pm pints in Leadenhall Market all the time (New Moon ftw btw tbh tbf). The fuck is wrong with you xylo?

once cancelled a date because i was dangerously broke and got offered a shift that night, did it a day in advance and was v apologetic, but they went absolutely mental. dating eh?

Could probably move stuff around.

Work/Life balance innit.

guys, do you mind if i leave two hours early today? my friend fancies a pint. eh? what deadline? ahhh it can wait!

You have deadlines every day?

You work non stop from 9-6? (DiS doesn’t count as work, so I’m guessing not)

You couldn’t make up the hours later or another time/over lunch or something if necessary?

I already work on and off pretty much all day from 8am-10pm weekdays and check in regularly over weekends. So yeah, not really a problem to work from home and make some time in an afternoon for personal reasons, even if it is just going for a drink with a mate/

File under: People Who

Without going into boring details, my average project is about a week or two weeks, with several soft deadlines and then a final one. Of course i can lie and get out of work if needed but there’s never two hours that i can just spare and no time to make it up later. People who just take a half day and it’s of no consequence sound like great assets tho.