People Who

Put punctuation around titles.

I went to see ‘Romeo and Juliet’ the other day.

I know they aren’t people you fucking prick!

What if they’d gone to see Rebecca

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People who dont close the door upon leaving a train toilet

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We should really be stripping back on punctuation, there’s too much of it. It’s becoming the linguistic equivalent of Brussels red tape. Semi colons? Fuck off!

*We should really be stripping back on punctuation; there’s too much of it


*We should really be stripping back on punctuation theres too much of it

Woah, take it to the Britain First Facebook page.

People who stand in front of the bin on trains when I want to put something in the bin

PEOPLE WHO DONT MOVE DOWN ON THE FUCKING TUBE LIKE BECAUSE THEY ARE IN A CERTAIN SPOT THEY HAVE THE RIGHT TO JUST STAY HERE. This rage was brought to you by an argument I had with a stranger on the central line yesterday.

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Cor, bin!

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I’ll semi YOUR colon, m8!

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PEOPLE WHO write this shite and then suggest it to me

Oof, that sounds fun.

They just wouldn’t let you past them at all?

people who slag off weather forecast, if you don’t like them then don’t pay attention to them and then give me verbal gbh about it

PEOPLE WHO listen to Disney music as an adult


Let it go.


I was getting on the Waterloo and city line at Waterloo a while ago in the morning so it was super busy, waiting by one of the end of carriage doors so it’s narrower. Guy at the front of the queue dashed straight on as soon as the door started opening, and then just door right in the doorway as he clearly wanted to be first off at the other end. great job :clap:

just door right in the doorway hook


The rudest people on the entire tube network are those going from Waterloo to either Bank (on the W&C Line) or Canary Wharf (on the Jubilee Line) in the mornings, and the reverse in the evenings.