People with poppable collars

How often are you popped?

Only ask cause I was like walking around pooped without realising and felt like that picture of Camus when I realised.


I said about “popped collar” at about 1320 this afternoon.


One of my lunchtime companions said “I’ll see you back at the office, I have to nip to Lacoste” and then I said to another lunchtime companion about “we’ll be seeing popped collars left and right”

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'I have a feeling @LilWoodyToodelly will make a thread about a popped collar on popular indie music forum soon ’

never heard of it

I’m wearing a brand new shirt today and its collar has never been popped!

My old boss once asked me to stop walking about with the collars on my polo shirts popped because it made me look like a ned (which was offensive and classist of her). I did not stop popping the collar at that job, eventually just stopped wearing polo shirts though, but that was after I’d changed employment.

You could pop its che… no.

Do it when it’s raining even though makes no difference with my hair mainly for aesthetics yeah

Coat collar popped at all times. No other collars popped.

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Multiple simultaneous popped collars were a thing but died with JLC?

I only ever do this when I want to look fresh

Fuck you for making me laugh at this

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Justin Lee Collins?

Good times


oh wow there’s a Justin Lee Collins thread

oh ffs

cuando haces pop, ya no hay stop