People with similar / the same name as you

I discovered recently that a certain DiSer has a name so similar to mine irl that it’s pretty much one letter off. It blew my tiny little mind and I messaged said user about it as I felt we now had an unspoken Bond.

Tell me about similar experiences you’ve had. There were multiple people in my hometown that had the same name as me, but I didn’t know any of them and as far as I know none of them post here.

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Served a guy in a shop when I was 16 who had the same exact name as me even down to not having an ‘h’ in Antony. I was astonished by this, he didn’t seem that bothered.

I think there’s maybe one or two other people on the planet with the same name as me.

My old man has exactly the same name as me

Only possible explanation is that he already knew and had been admiring you from afar

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Is one of them you?


Wait, so he changed his name to get closer to me? That’s weird.

How can you tell which is which?

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At least one.

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No no, he knew your name, but when you found out it was the same you were surprised as this was New information. He already knew this so appeared not bothered. He only knew this because he’s been following you

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I’ve conducted an interview with someone who had the same name as me. That was a bit weird (and confusing for the receptionist).

Ah I see, that’s dark, man. I was basically a child.

It’s still weird though, you’re right

Travel safe

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Same thing happened to me recently with a DiSer. Dude’s a complete chump though. So it mainly made me feel a bit queasy by association.

Once had a tory boy stroll across the open plan office I was working in and loudly announce (so everyone nearby looked up) ‘I’M [redacted]. I have nearly the same name as you. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!’

He then strolled away.

To be fair, we do have VERY similar names.

I would love it if that happened when I was interviewing someone. Would hire him instantly once we did the secret handshake

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My heart is literally broken

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A Filipino DJ, a VERY minor character in Ali G Indahouse, and me.

did you both change your names to Peeta Mellark

Yeah, that wouldn’t be great. Like if in 1921 you were called Adorf Hilter or something.

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