people with white hair club


age continues to rob us of our dignity. this is a club for those with hairs that are white, silver or grey growing naturally amidst our scalp, jawline, or bodyhair. Welcome friends.

Dyers welcomed.


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and in that gif he looks like he’s dyed it.

Dyers Dyed excited

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wife has told me she’s hyped that i will ‘one day have a full yeti/father christmas beard/chest’ on several occasions now :expressionless:

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My mum said I had a white hair in my beard but I told her it was blonde. Could have been white. I think I’d rather it was white.

i like the idea of a single blonde hair amid a dark barb


Actually don’t mind this bit of ageing (apart from the white n wiry :nose: hairs )


go full wampa or go home

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until now i’ve been blessed with specific patches at 5 and 7 o clock on my beard. now though, it’s starting to happen right down the jawline towards my ears.

Yeah the beard started kind of in the corners of the chin bits but it’s all joined up now


Noticed an acceleration in white hairs recently. Not happy. Unless it goes completely white so I can dye it pastel colours without bleaching it.

Found a white eyelash recently. I can’t wear mascara so I’m not pleased with this development.

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Currently on a hair odyssey having not had it cut since pre-Lockdown. I would normally go for a trim (and a severe razoring) every month, it’s be nigh on 6 months now. I really want to see what ‘long’* hair is all about and the grey/white is very much part of the whole effect

.* long = this kinda look (or similar)


I am quickly accelerating down this particular hill, will be full Gandalf by my mid thirties


i find it terrifying that any part of me could suddenly go white. it’s a sword of damocles

ngl kids: grey hair is the fucking business


i feel as though you are biased :smiley:

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Maybe. Always thought it looks good though. A touch of the old ‘salt n pepper’ is sexy af

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i would be inclined to agree but i am of course also extremely biased to this idea