People worry about aging and losing their looks etc

But when you see old episodes of Saturday Kitchen everyone looks shit in comparison to their present day selves.


Like a fine wine I am slowly turning into vinegar piss.

I think I probably peaked in and around 2016 and, I tell ya, it weren’t much to write home about even then!

You can watch old episodes of Saturday Kitchen? But, why?

You get to see the omelette challenge

If I saw you in 2016 I would like to think I would have written to my parents to tell them about how attractive you were.

You have such a pure soul

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Fair enough, Ant. Fair enough.

Do you know I’ve never once made an omelette, probably too late now.

It’s never too late to make an omelette

This is true, they don’t take very long to make

You know what they say, “you can’t make an omelette without breaking a few eggs and they also don’t take very long to make”


I’ve aged and lost my looks. Omelettes are a young, attractive person’s game.

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You know what would work wonders for that? An omelette face mask

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Had you down as more of a Sunday Brunch guy @barleysugar

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Ant, would it be eggsfoliating?

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One of the only times that a plain omelette is for the best

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I look the same as I did as a teenager more or less

but I didn’t look great then either sooooo

the curse of mediocrity

‘If you’re old enough to know how to spell omelette, you’re too old to make one’ as the saying goes

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Now who’s got egg on their face?