People you don't know having babies


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Do you mean something like the following taking place

“Felicity and Charlton are having a baby boy!”
“Aww, right that’s nice ****inside head: who and should I care?*****”


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i’ll be honest with you foppyish, I just thought this would be a more subtle thread title than ‘why do people like beyonce (having babies) so much?’


My missus is well irked by that picture.


Well don’t worry, @Antpocalypsenow is here with his big size 10s.


beyonce picture:

  • “only beacon of hope in this crumbling mess we call modern society” / :heart_eyes: / culturally appropriated slogan from a TV show in capitals
  • ridiculously self important nonsense / bit weird tbh

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forgot to click show voters - feel free to use this thread to out yourself as a rational human being/weird celeb fanatic


in hindsight, I should’ve given this thread a more incendiary title


Maybe you need to wait until @hip_young_gunslinger is back on full time. He could really help this sort of thing hit a century.

  • oh good there’s more of them
  • oh god there’s more of them

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I like Auntie 'Yoncé’s music, right, she’s dead good and whatnot and a fierce feminist icon and stuff, but I just don’t get this?

fame’s weird.


Mother is a cocoon where
Cells spark, limbs form, mother
Swells and stretches to protect her
Child, mother has one foot in this world
And one foot in the next
Mother, black Venus



Remember when Prince George was being born in some private hospital somewhere and a load of simpletons were crowded outside Buckingham palace. Then when the king in waiting actually popped out some butler prick put the news on an easel by the gates and everyone cheered.


Subject wankers.