People you get confused with despite them not being similar


Gina Gershon and Geena Davis

You’ve probably got some examples of this right? Why not chuck them in here?


The Cure and The Smiths. I think because of Robert Smith.


I like The Cure a bit and don’t really like The Smiths at all so this doesn’t apply to me but thanks, as ever, for your contribution


@Antpocalypsenow and @AphexTwinkletoes

similar length usernames starting with A

“hmm, is that the climbing guy, or the football manager guy?”


Turns out it’s both!


Brian Blessed and Cilla Black


i get @Antpocalypsenow and @Aggpass mixed up quite a lot, sorry lads.


My goodness, how on earth have you managed that!


No apology necessary, I consider it something of a compliment if anything


Guyhousername and justanothersheeldz


Following him on twitter I guess?


yeah, was gonna say, but didn’t wanna be uncool.

luv u both guyz :muscle:


I get aphextwinkletoes and Jeremy’s iron mixed up


Let’s try and move away from community members shall we


Two nicest guys on the forum, makes sense.


Both very nice.


It was only when one of them died that I realised that Bill Pullman and Bill Paxton were separate Bills


Balonz and Adolf Hitler


hulk hogan and ban ki-moon


I don’t think this is a legitimate entry