People you know about but you don't really know about

Like, I know Geoff Capes was the world’s strongest man and now loves budgies but I wouldn’t be able to tell you what he looks like or know if he’s got kids or anything.

You got anyone like that?

stacey solomon exists

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Stacey Solomon. Just from on here - someone mentioned something about her.


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People going on about Stacey Solomon in here aren’t big or clever.

Why? What’s the story? Who is she?


Ken Dodd. All I know really is he has a feather duster and plays for 5 hours at a time

Very good

His father’s hound passed away


I think he went through a phase of promoting takeways or something. Remember seeing a sticker with him on it down the chip shop

Who, Geoff Capes or Ken Dodd?

You lot.


Very fair point this, friend.

“friend” :unamused: :wink: :kissing_heart:

Who are you Ant, TELL ME. Tell me a useful fact about you and I’ll maybe tell you one back. Maybe. Maybe.

Geoff Capes is still the UK record holder for shot putt, which is a pretty amazing achievement.

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Well, this has put me on the spot a bit. I’m really very boring. I can’t think of a single fact about me that could be considered useful. How about you ask me one pertinent question and I will answer truthfully…

I now know a third thing about Geoff Capes, thank you.

i read a thing about the lindbergh baby kidnapping recently, realised afterwards i didn’t have any idea who lindbergh was

I dunno who Lindbergh is or what the Lindbergh baby kidnapping is. It sounds awful.

(Carl Myerscough broke his record, but was a drugs cheat and his record isn’t officially recognised)