People you resent for being funny

Jeremy Clarkson, Piers Morgan & Boris Johnson

I feel dirty when I laugh

I’ve deffo laughed at both people on more than one occasion, it’s been a while, but some of their snarky comments or turns of phrase really tickle me.

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Maybe I’m secretly a xenophobic racist right wing duck?

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let’s try not to normalise these people

Obvious choices, but here we go:

Jimmy Carr. Obviously a Grade A bellend, but a very successful comedian.

Also Michael McIntyre. The Coldplay of the comedy world.

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*klaxon goes off * :rotating_light:


Actually… good shout, he can be exceptionally funny. Its just a shame hes now presidents so the humour has turned into fear for me.

Liam Gallagher.

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was ok when he was just a billionaire piece of shit?

that just makes it funnier in a darker way… can you imagine any other world leader calling him rocketman etc…

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A lot of evil people with power are charismatic and funny, its how they get where they are. EVIL

Yeah. Disclaimer that he is the monumental bellend we all agree on, but that “cos you’d be in jail” mic drop moment to Hills in the debate had pretty incredible timing.

Carr can be funny but phones it in so often.
McIntyre is sort of the opposite. Nothing massively wrong with him as a person but painfully unfunny and was completely ubiquitous for a while (seems to have disappeared a bit now)

a lot of people are happy to abdicate their responsibility not to laugh at and normalise bad people because what they say is anti-PC etc

really hate when epimer gets a laugh out of me

think it happened once


I know that. You know that. The thousands of people who pay good money to see him obviously haven’t had the memo. Hence the resentment on my part.

Not everything they say is Anti-PC its not like they’re ‘on it’ 24/7 with the anti-pc remarks. I dont find the racist/sexist/etc stuff funny. Its an emotional response, I dont enjoy it, thats why I resent finding them funny

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So you don’t resent him for being funny. You resent him for having an incredibly high profile despite not being funny


Think it marks Clarkson out as a real dickhead that hes obviously quite a smart, funny bloke who can come across as fairly likeable in the right situation. He’s completely different on qi to top gear because he’s aware of the audience. His shtick is just put on to play to the gallery in any situation and it’s so disingenuous and dickish