People You Respect And Would Like To Praise But Feel They Have Enough Self Confidence Already


Are there any of these in your life?

I can think of a few who I’d like to say something positive to, but feel like it’d come off trite.

Anyone else experienced this?




Various DiSers, yeah


Name names


Oh, all of them who live in the northern hemisphere!


You gonna stand for that @lucien ?



@saps ?


You didn’t have to start a thread you could have just pm’d me you coy devil!


Are you sure this is an up to date photo, man?


three years ago now. have really fallen on hard times of late :frowning:


think Conor McGregor is a top bloke but not been able to get ahold of him to deliver the news




Didn’t work


Oh yes, Anthony Joshua would be on my list and I’m sure he’s worrying himself silly waiting for the news.


Can’t trust anyone whose names are all first names


I see what you’ve done here


Bill Gatesy Watesy


Just tweet him 140 chars of love