People you share your commute with

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Who do you share your commute with? Here are some examples:

Please give your own examples!

Hardly see any of the same people - but I don’t get a regular train or anything, I just get the next bus or tram or walk in.



The trains to/from Cambridge are half-hourly in the morning and hourly until 5.40pm. And I’ve been doing this commute for ten years. It’s weird seeing a Person From The Train out and about on a weekend - I almost feel as if I should give them a nod of recognition.


courteney cox is always on my bus

No one really now, as I try to cycle in most days. I have seen the guy who cycles in with a king charles spaniel in his backpack several times, which is always a good way to start the day.

When I was commuting from Leytonstone to Putney every day though, and had to get a particular train from Waterloo, there was a pair of big, lumbering brothers who’d be doing the same journey.

The journey involved Leytonstone > Bank > Waterloo (via the really long walk through Bank station) > Putney. They were really slow walkers, and walked side by side, and used to stop as soon as they stepped on to the carriage, but had absolutely nailed where they needed to stand to get on and off the trains at the right place, and used to just loom and push their way right to the edge of the platform and doors every time.

They used to wind me up so much.

I get that sometimes with people I recognise from the climbing centre - I don’t know their name, I just see them hitting the mat a couple of times a week. I feel like I should acknowledge them, but also feel that would be weird.

So I just avoid their gaze and pretend it’s normal.

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Poor @Twinkletoes


Ha! I wish. We’ve only climbed together once.

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Quite fancy someone I see on the walk from the tube to the office on most mornings, he used to walk with a very pretty woman who I assume was his girlfriend but not seen her in months and sometimes I feel sad for him.

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Forgot that we also occasionally get this really hard-looking geezer who glares at people in furious, stony silence whilst listening to music like this really loudly on shitty i-phone headphones so everyone can hear.

It’s a bit weird.

No one. I drive to work always these days, sadly.

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There is one lady who I had a recent incident with (she barged her way onto a very full train the doors shut with her hand and huge handbag stuck outside of the train) and I see her almost every day frantically running down the road to the station, with wet hair. I have never seen her walk to the station, only run. GET UP EARLIER. It’s not a one off, it’s every pissing day.


Walk in now but there is one bloke who looks like a bit like a short Stuart McCall who I see all the fucking time like in that Limmy sketch, I’ve told my gf about him and point him out whenever I see him now and I think she’s starting to agree that it’s weird.

There was an asian guy on my old train that fulfilled the same role, used to see him every morning on the train, not that weird. Then started seeing him in Bo’s, again not that weird but odd that our timing was so similar. Then saw him as I came out of the loos at the Roundhouse at a Nas gig, ok getting weird now. Then saw him again several times on different timed trains home to the usual one whilst I was crunching. Really fucking weird.

Other old commute regulars were: Extremely pretty mixed race girl who got adorably smitten when there was a baby on the train, middle-aged black lady who was always reading what looked like Black specific erotic fiction, bearded white bloke who’s trainers seemed at odds with the rest of his clothing and an Apprentice candidate lookalike who used to read massive hardback books about the history of Rome and occasionally would have to sit next to whatI assumed was his Mum.

There was a ‘grey man’ I used to see walking in the opposite direction when I used to drive to work. Short, in his 40s, seemed content with his life in a quiet kind of way. Saw him every day without fail. Then I realised I hadn’t seen him for a couple of months and it made me really sad, as he didn’t seem the type to just change jobs. 6 months later and I started cycling to work and took a different route and there he was, walking to the same job but from a different direction (must’ve moved house). Made me properly happy that he wasn’t t dead and I smile every time I cycle past him now.


Commute at a pretty regular time to get the child to pre-school, so do see some familiar faces on our cycle. Of course I have not spoken to any of them, apart from Phil who works in my department. Good old Phil.

‘Noddy’ - because she always seems to be falling asleep standing up. Eyes close, head starts to drop, woah, she’s awake again. Eyes close…


I stood next to man-who-looks-like Alan-Davies from the morning commute at a Teenage Fanclub gig once, we shared an unspoken, awkward, mutual acknowledgement. He was on the same bus home as well, but we ignored each other then, and have continued to ever since.


I get the 7:53 each morning, but am yet to have singled out anyone of note (only been doing it the last couple of weeks and not every day).

I always try and get on last and then just stand by the door though. If I really wanted I suppose I could get in and get a seat, but others might need it more than e, and I’m sat down all day.

Sniffers. A cacophony of fucking sniffers. It drives me mad. Does nobody carry tissues any more?