Pepe the frog creator trying to stop its use as an alt-right meme

Struggling to find links to stuff that isn’t either a patent twat blog or giving page hits to the basement dwellers, but…

Good for him. It’s not going to work, obviously, but fair play to him for trying.



:hotdog: :frog: :us:


Feels good, man…

used to quite like the pepe meme before it got appropriated by cunts.

What does it, y’know, mean…?

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This has been ongoing for a while. Good episode of Reply All about the attempt to reclaim Pepe:

The most recent thing is Matt Furie trying to assert his intellectual property rights to stop the proliferation of the uses he objects to. I can’t see it working, but I get why he would try.

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Yeah, I’m normally quite good with memes but I’m a bit lost with this one.

It’s a real shame this happened to Matt Furie. Will haunt him forever.

I have all of the Boy’s Club comics and they’re really funny. Shame that’s it.


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Not sure how this is going to work as most of the people who actually create the memes in the first place are essentially anonymous.

It’s slightly ironic how people who are by and large capitalists are trying to prevent\ignoring someone enforcing his legal rights to protect his intellectual property though.

Any recent examples?

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Eh, I had one of these when I was on hiatus. Can’t remember what it was, but if I see it again I’ll post it.

meant to post this in the other nazi thread

can’t stop thinking about this guy and laughing. “what about the memes”


I’ve been on its wikipedia page and now feel physically dirty but still none-the-wiser, just a bunch of actual literal shut ins posting it … alongside racist stuff… I still don’t really know what it means

Apparently the appropriation of pepe was done by 30-40 people online in an attempt to stop it going mainstream. RIP pepe