Delicious, aren’t they?

When did you last have one? Why not get one today?

I think I just got the “It’s a bit of an animal” double meaning…FFS


it’s a bit of an animal

like they’ve used bits of an animal to make it

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That’s my xbox gamertag because I couldn’t remember the password for my original HBT one. I’m serious.

A thing I will proudly say is disgusting but then secretly really want one

No idea why it comes in a condom though

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Great, aren’t they? Haven’t had one for a good while. Better than most of your fancy arse salamis, etc.

had one a few weeks ago for the first time in a long time. rarely buy them but quite nice yes.

Haven’t had one since at least November 2019

Big fan of the Firestick, not to be confused with the Amazon gadget, although both probably have similar nutritional value.

If you haven’t tried it yet, make some Super Noodles, throw some sliced-up Pepperami in there, and top with strings from a Cheesestring.

Thank me later.

You’re clearly in the pocket of Big Sodium (tbf that sounds delicious especially as a late night snack)

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And it looks a bit like a horse’s willy.

Surely a horse is a bit more girthy, I reckon a dog is a better comparison.


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I actually imagine ET’s erection to be exactly like a full size Pepperami.

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Used to have one of these. He was great.

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a firestick and orange lucozade isthe best hangover cure around.


Was going to start this thread myself. I’ve noticed they’re suddenly in every shop again. Absolutely elite post pub snack, imho.

Been having a few of late and results are as follows:

Green - perfectly fine
Red - just the right amount of spicy
Black - just slightly too hot, risk of hiccups if not bought with a drink, preferably still mango Rubicon


Not had them in a while. Used to get hiccups from the black ones as the big man mentions