Pepsi (& wokevertising)

Shittest thing ever

Reckon there’s a terrible message in every frame. The twit thread itself picks up on most of them but the whole hands blond wig to black assistant & sashays by on her white feminist woke wave is …wow

At some point, someone…ANYONE must have thought.

‘This is stupid. We’ll get crucified’



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Totally. These ads must go through hundreds of people seeing it, and surely someone somewhere must have said something? I get the ‘oh but we’ll get loads of attention for it’ thing but when all of the attention is this horrific, that is a massive misstep as well.

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In real life she would have been tasered to within an inch of her life. Wouldve been a better advert too



You say that but there is a whole epidemic of corporate co-opting of activism to sell products…I mean, it’s been going on since forever …

…but recently it’s really ramped up.
I had a minor rant at everyone praising the ‘diversity’ in the Super Bowl half time ads - including a Coke one

I doubt Pepsi planned on this going viral because of its awfulness, they probably just took their cue from the Coke ad

Terrible stuff

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Gonna get me a Pepsi

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Oh for sure, I read the Twitter thread… but I think the feedback channels available now to that sort of corporate co-opting is so different from how it was in the 30s and the second wave of feminism. Also I think consumer awareness is in a different place from where it was then, so you’d think (hopelessly, perhaps…) that this would force a shift in corporate thinking too. Apparently not.

The whole mirroring of the Baton Rouge image is insaaaane as well.

Always preferred Coca Cola

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you forget that feedback channels work both ways - I mean, take a look at the UK tabloid front pages or at who’s in the White House for instance. Just so bizarre how many people fail to see that an aggressive capitalist in the White House and an aggressively capitalist corporation broadcasting soft-focus ‘diversity’ messages in a Superbowl half time break (the most expensive ad slots in history) are two components of the same evil

There was a big tone-deaf race/gender ad incident in Sweden/Stockholm just before Christmas by the way - did you hear about that ? The Åhléns/Lucia thing?

but if only we could all share a sugar-based soft drink then we could put aside our differences and all line up behind our benevolent corporate dictatorship!

oh look

But we’ve been putting our differences aside since 1971!

I think Pepsi knew exactly what they were doing here. As someone said, they probably drew up the apology statement at the same time as doing the ad.



Still think Kendrick Lamar got off too lightly for this one. Especially as it came days after TPAB using this kind of message to sell shoes is pretty much undermines any credibility

Basically the rhetoric of the Ferguson riots, decontextualised and used to sell shoes.