Perfect points that TV shows should have ended

The US Office - when Michael leaves. Yeah there’s some good stuff afterwards but it’s never the same and it would have been a nice end point.

Peep Show - Mark & Sophie’s wedding at the end of series 4. It’s still funny after that obviously but less and less so as it goes on and that episode is absolutely perfect and sums the show up brilliantly. The end line ‘yeah, stick it on the bill’ and them driving off is so good.

The Simpsons - “you know what lads, 10 seasons is a nice round number, let’s just call it a day shall we”

What are some more please?


Lost, after the first episode.


GoT after season 4


There’s so much wonderful stuff in the following series of Peep Show. Can’t get on board with that.

Breaking Bad - Ozymandias
GoT - season 4
Arrested Development - season 3

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I know it’s still good, the wedding is just such a perfect logical end pont though.

AD should have finished just before that Mr F bullshit.

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Yeah disagree with Peep Show and Breaking Bad although I see the point. Mine would be Peaky Blinders series 2 finale should have killed him that would have been the perfect end for that show

Buffy the Vampire Slayer when she dies at the end of season 5

Only Fools and Horses when they get rich


My quite controversial opinion is that AD should have started at the beginning of season 2 and ended at the end of season 2.

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The Wire - end of season 4. A montage of McNulty walking the beat 9-5 and going home to be happy whilst the carnage carries on regardless. No fake serial killer BS, although you would have to loose the finale, which would be a shame.


I feel the stick that S5 gets is a bit overblown, but do agree that a S4 finale would have been the perfect ending to a perfect show up to that point


Absolutely no point in Frasier after Niles and Daphne run away together.


Quite like watching his forehead getting larger and larger mind.

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Just look at my selfies over the last few years for the same effect.

Beginning to worry that ASIP is heading this way… Dennis leaving would have wrapped it up nicely, although quite abruptly. There are a few good bits after that but it’s feeling increasingly hollow.

Dexter after the season 4 finale with everything coming full circle, the one thing he tried to avoid - history repeating itself with his son - coming true

BSG after the season 3 finale with the bombshell of even more cylons in our midst and Starbuck saying she had seen Earth

Supernatural (don’t judge me ok) after season 5 - the series was written as one big narrative with a big payoff. It delivered but because it was so popular they had them carry on after and it just was retreads of everything that made it fun in the beginning

Is that the John Lithgow season? We stopped watching completely after that.

Peep Show ended after s7 and you cannot convince me otherwise.

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Should have ended Red Dwarf at the end of series 6. ‘Out Of Time’ would have been the prefect send off.


Friends. Before it ever started.


This is why The Office is indisputably better than the American one. Original has the perfect ending, US one is…not