Perfume - December 2019 Edition

Any good ones?

What’s your favourite?

Do you have different ones for the day and night?

Don’t wear them? Why not?

Have you ever sprayed deodorant on your anus? Stings like hell. Teenagers, ay?

Do you go for a specific brand or are brand agnostic?

Where do you buy them?

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Nothing’s changed :woman_shrugging:

Actually, that’s I lie, I’ve gone from spraying it twice a day to wearing it once or twice a month

I only wear Jo Malone

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lacoste pour homme bottle I’ve had for about 10 years and only use for weddings.



With oriental woody notes this scent was created to mirror the intensity and masculinity of a dark rum.


I bought M Comme de Garcon Man a while back and she got fed up with me pinching it, so she got me Escentric Molecule 4 which I love.

Probably wear it a couple of times a week

I always seem to get perfume in airports.

Quite like Egoiste for special occasions, Chanel pour Homme for day time.

My other half gets me nice Penhaligons stuff. One called Quercus is nice

creed silver mountain water


I wear santal too!
I usually just wear what I get given for presents, although I like Karma from lush. My favourite ever scent (feerie by van kleef and arpels) got discontinued and I’ve never found anything else quite like it :cry:

Not a massive scent wearer. Got a handful of half used bottles including a Davidoff that might actually be 15-20 years old I think.

Wife wears kenzo flower. Or flower by kenzo or whatever. Basically I’m brilliant because I remember this and know to buy it occasionally. Sorry ladies I’m taken.

Joan Collins I am woman.

What’s your fave? The TV works for them and gave me an English Oak and Hazlenut which is very nice, I get lots of people saying they enjoy my smell. I really like Poppy and Barley too.

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Ooh I don’t think I’ve smell that one, I’d probably like it as I like the less florally ones I’m a wood sage and sea salt as the one I go back to most times. I’ve had a few more in the past and they always smell so nice. I’ve got a new candle which is peony and blush :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: you’re very lucky to have a jo malone link!