Period Thread #SSP


Hello those who have periods.

Has anyone ever used these reusable towels before? I’ve just ordered a bunch to try but I’m not sure how they’ll work. (Also they’re SO CUTE)
Like would I have to wash the lot at the end of each period day?

I’ve tried the Mooncup and a Luna cup but I can’t seem to make it work for me so want alternatives for reusable eco friendly things.

Penoid thread #pisstakingmandatory

I was having a look at these, since going on the pill I’ve been really light and it just seems like such a waste using pads. I haven’t used tampons since they got really light as I got spooked by TSS scare stories from back in the day.


Yeah I am the same with Tampons. I think I tried one when I was maybe a teenager and I was almost sick and I never tried again - ha!
Plus I don’t like the idea of putting some artificial fibers into my body?

I have seen these but I thought they were just to use but they’re for over spill when using a mooncup or tampon


Last period was one of the worst I’ve had since I was a teenager, really violent cramps. :frowning:


Eek! Even though I’m on the pill, I still get cramps to the point where I’d like to be sick. I can barely eat whilst on.

What did you do to combat it? I have been exercising throughout my periods for a few months now and it’s definitely helped a bit although it’s the very last thing I wanna do at that time.


yes i have used reusable towels. You need to give them a good handrinse at least at the end of each day, then just wash as usual in the machine. You can get wet-bags to put them in between the handwash and machine wash.

The white ones do stain - as you might expect, I always like the more multi-coloured anyway.

They are quite a bit thicker than the always type towel but you soon get used to it, good and soft and the fact they don’t give you thrush from being perfumed is always a plus.


Just had a look at the link in the OP, there are some properly jazzy ones there, those purple paisley numbers are great


Yes!! This is exactly why I want to change up to these reusable ones. Fucking thrush!

This sounds like they are relatively good then?

It actually makes me feel super weird about how many towels and tampons are thrown away into a landfill somewhere.


Oh shit thought this said penoid


Painkillers and sitting in a funny position. Just glad I only get 3-4 day periods any more.

Anyone else here use Clue? Sooo helpful for knowing if I’m going to be on the blob during festivals.


have you tried both sizes of mooncup?

(it’s what i use and i have not looked back since i started using it a couple of years back)


still get absolutely fucking awful period pains, i have a window of about 15 minutes where i can take ibuprofen to combat it but if i leave it too late i get pains so bad that i often have to just lie down for a couple of hours, it’s fucking SHITE and i almost can’t believe that it’s been happening for 20 years of my life now


yep, or flushed :frowning:

hate this new thing that companies seem to be telling girls that people will smell their period.


Is that a thing?!


I haven’t used Clue but i’ve downloaded Flo to start to use as you can track other stuff (I get some serious breast pain that i’m trying to monitor as i’ve been told its related to my menstrual cycle but i’m dubious…)


Yeah I got a small Mooncup and I have an even smaller Luna one. NO GOOD. It could be me psychologically clamping up tho.

I MUST recommend one of these things

I’ve had once since a teenager and honestly can’t live without it when its period time. It’s to handy when you wake up in the night with super pain and you can just turn it on and have instant relief rather than getting up to do a hot water bottle.


oooh this looks great - thanks :slight_smile:

yeah i don’t think the mooncup is for everyone. i used to have leakage issues but for whatever reason that doesn’t really happen any more thank fuck. good luck on yr quest for reusable sannies!


I am thinking about giving the Moon Cup a go but I’m a bit panicky about getting it in and out - is it easy enough to do?


i found it easy, getting it to create the suction that means you don’t leak takes a bit more practice.

Worth it though, I got one after kids as my periods were so awful i needed that plus towels and was still changing every hour for first few days. Now have a mirena and after a year of mucking around - no more periods.


yep, you do need to remember to relax and for me it took a bit of practice (i had never even used tampons before so was a bit like… how does THIS work then) but it’s second nature now


Thanks (and @Slicky)

I want to do a few months of travelling in SE Asia next year and the thought of mixing periods with long journeys/crap toilets doesn’t appeal.