Period Thread #SSP


It’s so embarrassing when I get like that :grimacing: I’ve always been a bit like this, just a bit overwhelmed sometimes and then BAM, i’m fine again :roll_eyes:


Oh don’t worry, I’ve been there multiple times. I always take a minor emotion, blow it up and then the next thing you know my bf is going to leave me, i’m going to lose my job and going to have to move home with my parents.

And people say i’m dramatic…:upside_down_face:


Haha, all the best people are! :heart:

Thanks for understanding :hugs: I think I really need to fucking exercise! I kick myself whenever this happens because like you I think I benefit so much from it but I always let it slip because I’m terrible at doing too many things at once. Baaah. Think I might go for a run later.


I definitely think it levels me out! I mean I can still flip in a second but I am far less prone to tears or reading too much into something or just being generally miserable when I have got some regular exercise. And I do try to push through and exercise when i’m on my period cause warming up your body will help your pains. It’s THE LAST thing I wanna do (mainly cause I feel like theres a big rod up my butt when i’m in full flow so when I sit on a spin bike OH MOTHER OF GOD)

Even if you just go for a little walk and listen to a podcast, it’s just a nice thing to do and you’ll feel all nice and chill after.


They’re giving away free blood cups again. I think the shipping was about £9, but you get 2 so still worth it


Started this morning :balloon: #agony


I’m on a combined pill which means I’m not meant to have periods ever (rejoice) but I’ve missed a few this month and today I feel like there’s a crowbar in my fallopian tubes or something… I’m hoping it’s period pains anyway and not a UTI or something :grimacing: I never normally get period pains but I’ve only been on this pill since August so idk.

Ouch :frowning:




The thought of no periods swayed me, had a YEAR of on and off but mainly on bleeding after fitting which was still better than the monsoon periods I had been having, literally filling a mooncup in under an hour. Horrendous stuff

After the year I now just get regularish periods, very light though.

I had always got on with microgynon but then they said I was too old, at like 32 :roll_eyes: so tried others which were all awful - constant bleeding. Which meant after a few years of condoms I decided to go with the coil…


Have had pre-period cramps for the last 5 days and still no period. That’s not right is it? Happened last month too. Will not be happy if this is the new normal.


I normally have about 1 or 2 days of per-period cramping. Usually gives me the quite intense period runs.

Might be worth monitoring it and going to doctors? Do you have an app for monitoring your cycle? I had one once but considering i am always on at the exact same time and day every month, it didn’t make a lot of sense.


I’ve got a basic one that records start and stop date but that’s it. Normally I get cramps either the day before or day 1. So this is a bit unwelcome. Bit scared about seeing my gp as the last time she tried to persuade me to get the coil and I really don’t want that.

In the past most of my issues around my periods have been linked to spells of unhealthy eating and lack of exercise, so I reckon I already know the solution.


Hello everyone :expressionless:


I also finally started today after a whole week of morning cramps. Good thing too as I was starting to imagine I had various types of cancer…

Think I should be wearing a badge today that says ‘annoy me at your peril’


Fucking hell, a week of cramps sounds awful mate. Don’t think I’d be able to cope with that.


Only for an hour or two when I first wake up which is a bit weird (and not normal for me) hence me imaging lots of other scenarios.


My periods used to last half a day until I went on the pill, now it’s days and days of it!


Half a day?! Wow you were living the dream.


I know, literally started at 8am every fourth Thursday and finished by midday.


Been getting horrible & painful water retention for like 10 days before it starts. Weight can jump up 5kg overnight. Never used to happen :confused: