Period Thread #SSP


Ouch! No idea what you can do to get rid of that?

Feel quite lucky that I don’t get loads of bloating


Don’t know, it’s only started happening recently so hopefully will stop at some point, have general water retention problems so probably related to that. Means I look forward to the main bit starting so I can deflate!


Does anyone get the pre period hunger?
I CANNOT STOP EATING. I had 2 lunches and I’m going for a multiple course huge dinner later and I’m munching on popchips


no but i get pre-period thirst where no amount of water is enough until i feel like a balloon


Yes, can’t stop eating for the few days before mine starts.


Yep. Combines with touch of the Epimers so balances out…


Oh yeah i get the full flush out on the big day :joy:


Been bleeding so much, cramps from hell and made a massive dent in my Christmas chocolate stash


Oof feel better soon! Get a hottie botty on that tummy!


Got it bad. Just opened a beer and can tell I’m gonna get pure fucked.


Do you find alcohol affects you more on your period?

Either way, get it down you and knock yourself out girl x


Oh yeah definitely reduced my alcohol tolerance a lot. Was drunk on one glass of wine last month. Already decided we’re getting a burger king on the way to the club tonight.




Last few months, and currently, I have been getting really fucking angry just before and at the start of my period. For ages I was lucky and never really felt any major hormonal effects on my mood, but in the last year since my periods came back after pregnancy/breastfeeding it has been increasingly ridiculous. Feel really bad for shouting at people for no reason :frowning:



I cried every day in the past week. Its crap but not our fault. People should understand x


I can’t really make R understand that though and I just shouted at him three times while trying to get him ready for bed :cry: luckily, half the time he laughs when I am angry, but sometimes he looks scared.

Btw, I keep meaning to say that this thread is awesome. When I was a teenager, for some reason my friends would never include me in conversations about anything vaguely female. I on more than one occasion arrived to them talking about periods or whatever and they would all go quiet because I was there. Also, talking about it with my mum didn’t extend beyond asking for more sanitary towels (I can be a bit more open with her now though tbf). In here it almost feels like a am actually a girl!


I’m glad you like this thread! Not only do I like to be super open about periods with my female friends but I also like to make men feel uncomfortable about periods when they incinuate I’m being moody (no prick I’m just bleeding out ma minge!!)

We are period blood queens and we deserve to have a space to chat and share and be open and I’m glad not one dickhead man has come in here!

Much love to you sister x



Ugggh. Feeling it today!! Couldn’t sleep last night, was so upset about lots of things I know I’m only upset about because hormones!! Can we please all retreat to the period tent and bleed into the earth together whilst we moan and sob about things that are fine really? or not fine, we can moan about those things too.


I have done my fair share of sobbing this weekend so I feel you!

I also HATE that not sleeping when it’s period time. Why does that happen?!


think i’m in sync with you guys now