Period Thread #SSP


HUGS, so many hugs in your direction. It’s so rubbish! I don’t understand the not sleeping either, I felt so exhausted but really hot and restless :roll_eyes: and completely unreasonable. My bf had rolled over and all I could think was “Why can’t you just sense that I need a hug right now? I’m too hot and I would instantly remove your arms from me BUT somehow become telepathic and know exactly what I want without me telling you… and do all of this whilst you’re sleeping” :joy:

I’m so sorry to hear about your flatmate being a dick too by the way, I think they went about it all in a very thoughtless and stupid way. You’ve got New York soon, right? :smiley: That’s at least something incredibly brilliant and exciting to concentrate on!!

@plasticniki join us in the tent!


I get RED HOT too! Like my bf will be in full PJs and i’m in a tiny vest and shorts absolutely sweltering.
hahaha I love how demanding you are in your head.

Yes I go to new york TOMORROW which is amazing but I wish my housemate would have told me this news when I got back cause now I am high anxiety.


I have the implant, so I’m not meant to get periods at all, but I’ve been pre menstrual for the last few days and lo an dbehold, I am super-crampy and spotting today. Am I synching with you guys? (how is this even scientifically possible? I AM NOT MEANT TO GET PERIODS BECAUSE OF THE STICK IN MY ARM.) :relaxed::blush::heart:


god we are so powerful we can make people who aren’t meant to have periods get periods


Aw no :frowning: Gah. I am confident the amazingness of New York will soon banish some of the anxiety though. Plus, in a way it could be considered better being told beforehand. Your flatmate could have waited, you would have come back from New York and she would have instantly destroyed your buzz. This way you can go and get some distance from it and treat yourself. I’m so excited for you! I’ve never been to New York, take lots of photos and show me please!! xxx


I’m supposedly due in 4 days have I fallen out of sync with you all? No week long cramps though this month (yet)


Hello. :wave: mine’s only just getting going so no cramps yet. Mine are all over the place at the moment


I’m almost certainly about to get my period as pretty much everyone is annoying the hell out of me despite not actually doing anything really wrong :joy:


Woke up crying both days this weekend after having bad dreams, wtf


hello pre period spot.
It’s always just a lone ranger, who is rock hard and won’t budge.
And this time, front and center on my face. Hurrah!!


Oh lord I have the PMT bad. I have the biggest grump on.


I’ve had a few glasses of wine knowing that it’ll probably start tonight and I’d rather be a slightly drunk


Sorry if this is a repeat of something already posted here, I didn’t read the whole thread, but does anyone have any successful ways of removing staining from a moon cup? I’ve tried boiling it and bicarbonate of soda but not much luck. Thanks and happy perioding xxxx


I think maybe @UnicornPorn or @Scout had a really good tip for removing blood stains! I can’t remember who though and it might have been a baby product or something?




Thanks ladies <3 @meowington

I shall give it a try!


Napisan. It’s great for everything. I put it in every wash


Remember cold water sets blood too so it should be 60 degree wash ideally though I do 40 and it’s fine. I don’t mind the stairs really though but even at 40 napusan gets loads of it out.


Ahh I thought warm water sets blood??


Yeah i heard hot not cold