Period Thread #SSP


I’ve looked it up and both is the answer, lol. But the sanitary towels I have say to wash hot to avoid stains so I just believed them. Regardless I wash 30 most of the time and 40 once in a while.

Doesn’t seem to be a definitive answer online!


I guess it’s just a hard thing to get out anyway? Just like red wine!

I’m gonna get some of that stain remover stuff tomorrow cause my towels are getting a bit stained.

I’ve just ordered more too without wings and poppers so I can wear them on my bike/in spin class!


My moon cups are pink so you can’t really see the stains.

Been getting through paracetomol like sweets. Having one of those weird periods were it started off more like brown discharge. Ewew.


Been bleeding so much! I am using the big cup and filled it in less than two hours yesterday.


Oh lord!
Are you in lots of pain too?

I’m due on Thursday. My breasts are SO PAINFUL. I can barely move at the moment. Running yesterday was agony. I had to walk in the end!


Sounds like an awful lot! I had the same and my GP gave me a drug to cut down the blood loss as I ended up with anaemia.


Not as painful today as the first two days.




I’m two days in. Can’t be arsed with much tbh


:hugs: (seriously need a more sympathetic looking hug emoji)

I am suffering also, just want to curl up in bed (which thankfully I can do soon, but only for a bit).


It’s really annoying that the hug emoji looks like you’re making fun of the recipient


MASSIVE HUGS to everyone who’s suffering!!

I really need to start writing down when my periods are so I can keep on top of the emotions. Really don’t want my period this month.


My custom made pads are coming so I don’t feel uncomfortable with the poppers when i’m on the bike/in spin classes.

I LOVE THEM. This lady is SO GOOD. I wish I could make these myself.


You can get an app!

I have used one before, I think it’s called Flo. I only used mine for a bit to track some breast pain I was having (got it all checked and it was nothing).

Even though i KNOW mines coming, I still can’t keep my emotions in check. I’m a depressed mess the week before. Today I want to do nothing more than go home, curl up in a ball with jacket potato and beans…but I have to go to the gym instead :frowning:


Of course there’s an app!! Haha. I should have thought.

Aw, as you know, the gym despite how unappealing it is at the moment will make you feel :100: or at least a wee bit better :slight_smile: xxx

I’ve just been to the shop and bought lots of nice food to cheer myself up!


Oh nice. I will have to do the same. There is an m&s right by the gym so… :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Oofft. If I was anywhere near an M&S right now I would have spent a fortune.


Do you find your reusable pads stay in place well? Or a better question might be to ask how they do compared to adhesive disposable ones perhaps, in your experience. Sometimes I find it annoying with the disposables moving about too much (at night mostly), in my continued thoughts of switching to reusable this is something that I have been wondering about.


I think they do! But then again I always wear rather large cotton knickers that are relatively tight.
I find the long large reusable night ones such a dream to wear! They stay in place and just feel like a comfy pillow rather than a scratchy papery thing. I much much prefer them.
They’ve really improved my overall feminine health too. I no longer get chaffing or yeast infections. I’d have thrush after every single period…but no more!


These look really great, how easy are they to clean? I’m being a big baby about it but that’s the thing putting me off atm. I’m guessing handwash then machine wash? Or are they just handwashed?