Period Thread #SSP


I have been getting recurrent thrush issues the past year, which is another reason I have been thinking of changing.

Another question, sorry, how do you find it changing towels when you are out, or moreso what do you do with your used towel?

I think I will probably have to wait until I have moved out to make the switch thoigh, not really fair to have someone else deal with it in the washing and I don’t do that here.


They’re easy to clean but I don’t really do as good a job as you’re supposed to! You’re supposed to rinse them when you change them and then chuck them in the machine when you can. I have noticed the ones I’ve done that to have less stains than the others but I’m not actually too fussed by stains tbh. I also thought I’d be a bit grossed out by them? But I really wasn’t.

This will probs answer @Flashinglight question too but when I’m out and about, I just put them in a sandwich bag…sometimes if I’ve rinsed them out but most of the time I don’t actually rinse them so they’re slightly stained. I tend to buy the ones that are darker with a jazzy print so you can’t see the stains.
You can buy special wash bags to transport them but I find a sandwich bag is fine really. I fold them in on themselves so you can’t really see what they are if they fell out of my bag or whatever.

I do just chuck them in the machine with the rest of my washing and then hang them on the radiator and they dry quickly. I have hung them on the washing line before.

I properly love them though. I couldn’t even imagine going back now. Like today where I am in so much pain and discomfort and I get home and I pull out my huge padded night one and it’s just so bloody comfortable. I feel I sleep loads better with these on at night rather than feeling like I am wearing a huge rustly nappy :joy:


Thanks for answering all the questions Meo, I really want to make the switch to reusables and it is very helpful to be able to ask questions to someone who has the practical experience of using them. I get terrible anxiety with change so I need to be as prepared as possible with information before attempting something different.


No problem at all. Happy to help.
I also thought I’d struggle to adapt to them but when you build up a good collection (I think I have 10 now?) it makes it a lot easier cause you can have them on rotation then almost plan your weeks washing so you can chuck 5 of them in and use the other ones, then when they’re dry, chuck the other ones in (I’m quite different in that I do small quick loads of washing every other day cause of gym kit).

But yeah ask as many questions as you want! I really like talking about them tbh. This chick over at red queen cloth best start paying me commission tho!! :blush:

I have been thinking about this a lot though. We were always told that the only options are tampons or sanitary towels. How have I got to the age of 29 and just found that there are other options out there that are far more suited to my body? I won’t even bother to work out how many uncomfortable periods and weeks of thrush that has given me!


Also I would suggest if you’re nervous to try them, maybe get like one of the larger night time ones (10 or 12 inches works for me) and just try that once when you’re on and see how it feels. It’s always a little less risky than trying it outdoors you know?


I’ve looked at these so many times and never ended up buying any because there’s so many different sizes I’m not sure what to get. But I might just get the biggest one I can and try that out at night.


Can I just confirm what meo is saying! I got some too and was initially concerned about the cleaning of them but it’s totally fine! Just give them a rinse and then bung them in the washing machine. Ta daaah! Pillow in ma pants.

I need to stop buying dresses and buy some more of these instead.


My first order were some tiny ones and I found them the other day like LOL AS IF.
I like the 9 or 10 inch ones with a medium core for day time. Then a 12 inch one for night.


Yeah, when I was young you never got exposed to the idea that there were options beyond disposable towels and tampons (overall, I would say education on menstrual stuff I got was lacking - most of the useful things I learnt about how it actually works, beyond blood comes out of you and it can hurt, I learnt in a book I got when I was 19).

I don’t know if part of it is that reusables and cups seem to be made by smaller businesses, rather than the massive companies who make the other products. Like in school I remember getting given a pack with various samples in and leaflets and it was sponsored by Bodyform or someone - I think they produced the leaflets, so it was hardly unbiased information.

It surprises me that reusables aren’t pushed more from the environmental/waste-reducing angle. My local council does a scheme where they give parents a lot of money off incentives to use reusable nappies, it would be quite cool if they could do something like that but with money off reusable sanitary pads (as the initial investment in them can be off putting/prohibitive for some).


Starting bigger seems like a sensible idea, and trying on a day I would be mostly at home.

Re: washing questions people are asking, I have had these reusable baby wipes, and what you do with them is have a box to soak the dirty ones in before washing (also w/some sort of oil in there for the smell and minor hygiene reasons) to stop stains setting. The same company actually makes cloth pads as it happens! I haven’t done enough research to know where they are on the price/quality scale though (but you could steal the concept obvs):


I agree, I was thinking the other day that the education I got about periods was absolutely woeful. I don’t think I would even know about disposables if it wasn’t for here.


Ooh! They do resusable make up pads which I’ve been looking for for a while now. I may have to get!


I’m hoping more young girls these days are using the internet to be more aware and educated. But there’s still some level of taboo with talking periods.
I should investigate really. There’s bound to be a youngish environmentally savvy blogger out there who talks about this stuff. If not, there should be. Unfortunately I’m not 15 so a bit past it now to start my vlogging career!


I might still have a recommend a friend discount code if you are going to get those, I will take a look.

Their baby wipes are great. I haven’t used the bum ones for a while because it wasn’t really worth it when we started going through a lot less, but we have been using different ones for mucky hands/face it mealtimes for a year and they are so much better than any disposable wipes for cleaning up.


Hi !!

It’s that time again!! Got the fear when everyone was posting over a week ago that my period was late and that I might be preggers :grimacing: turns out no, its bang on time, Haha. Currently sat having just painted my nails with a hot water bottle stuffed down my PJs, carrot cake is on its way!! Quite enjoying the first day of my period truth told :blush:


Mine’s just started too. Right in time for Valentine’s day haha. No pains yet, they’ll inevitably turn up tomorrow at work


Tiny ones are good for my period is due but I can’t keep going to the loo days …

I hope they push these reusables more at schools now, bet they don’t though. Advertising budgets of big companies win again…


Haha!! sexy shower time methinks :wink:

Get onboard with the comforting hot water bottle down yer pants when you do! It’s so nice. The bf says I look like a crazy homeless lady.


Got the hot water bottle out now!


This has reminded to buy a reusable pad to try, hopefully it will arrive before my period (in about 6 days)