Period Thread #SSP


It’s a beast :open_mouth::open_mouth::open_mouth:


This looks huge :joy:
What size is it?


14 inch? I chose it because it was labelled for nighttime so it’ll probably be ok as bigger the better at night, right?. Doesn’t feel that thick though.


I have a 14 inch one for nighttime which I first thought was ridiculously big but now I love it and think it’s super comfy! It’s defo a first few days one to use.


Oh hello irritability!!


Mate I got mine 5 minutes before going on a five day holiday. After being five days late. Thank-you body you bastard.




Just ordered three pairs of Thinx from the US so we’ll see how they do. They were expensive and I had to pay a £20 customs charge on top but if it means I stop using disposable pads it’ll be worth it.

Kinda dreading this month, I’ve had to come off the pill for a bit cos I haven’t been able to get an appointment for a pill review thanks to my doctors’ surgery’s ridiculous booking system, and before I went on the pill my periods were pretty heavy and fucking agony for the first day :grimacing:


I’d be interested to hear how you get on with those Thinxs pants. I think i’ll be too heavy for them.

That’s so annoying! So you’ll have to start on the pill again or are you going to look for alternatives?


I’ll get back on the pill if I can cos it’s easy and it made my periods so light and pretty much pain-free, but as I can’t get an appointment unless I show up at the surgery at 8am or call in at exactly the right time of the week it’s gonna be a few days until I can get my prescription sorted as I’m too busy with work. Also last time I had a pill review the nurse said I had to keep my BMI below 30 otherwise I’d have to look for other options and it’s now 31, so I’m worried I’m gonna have to switch to something else with worse side effects.


Same here! I was clueless as to why I was so angry, but then I saw this thread had been bumped and it was obvious :woman_facepalming:


BMI can firmly get to fuck. What are their reasonings for that? Does it make you high risk of strokes/blood clots/stuff like that?

I feel like I should reasses my contraception really because I have been on it for over 10 years now but I like it and it keeps me so regular and even though still painful, nowhere near as long or bad as before. But then again I am trying not to put so many chemicals/fake stuff into my body so I dunno.

I’ve seen those app things where you take your temperature but not too sure about that.


oh nope sorry just PMT :smiley:


I tend to get disproportionately shouty. Thankfully if I shout at R he just laughs, so at least he doesn’t take my pmt rage seriously…


I dunno, guess I’ll find out when I go next week. I stay pretty healthy in all other respects so I hope my weight doesn’t have that much bearing on it. Not really sure what more I could do - I hardly eat bread, don’t drink much these days, cut down on meat to like one meal a week if that, do moderate exercise five days a week - in fact I’m gonna ask for a thyroid test when I go cos I undereat calories-wise nearly every day and log every fucking cup of tea on the Fitbit app and I just don’t lose any weight.

I had to study the rhythm method at GCSE because it was the only method of contraception allowed by the Catholic Church. I remember thinking it was a bit too late to be teaching a class of 16 year olds about contraception when most people had already cashed in their v-card :grinning:


If it helps, both times I’ve come off the pill I’ve not had a period for 6 months!


2nd day of my period and I honestly feel like my insides are coming out. My digestive system is really unhappy on top of really bad cramps.


Suffering physically and emotionally! :cry:

Does anyone find exercise helps their pains? Normally i’d be well into it but the thought of moving this month is just filling me with dread!


It’s supposed to - I normally just want to curl up in a ball instead. Have you taken some ibuprofen, that always helps me.

Its funny how some months are worse than others, 2 months ago I was Ia complete wreck - this month it passed me by barely bothering me :woman_shrugging: I should keep a diary really to see if there’s a trend.


Not even tried as mine are so bad. If i could exercise i wouldn’t have a problem!