Period Thread #SSP


I sent a msg to my bf to tell him I can’t stop pooping and he replied saying “I think it may have something to do with the daal last night cause i have been pooping too” and then I said “no i think it’s my inflamed bleeding womb that is pressing on my bowels” and he replied “I’m in a meeting can we talk about this later”



I would get that checked for sure, just for peace of mind

Have you changed pill?
Are you stressed?
When was your last smear?


Ditto what meow said - but this happended to me a few years back, basically I just bled lightly for about two months but then things went back to normal. But get it checked out if you think it’s unusual.


not changed anything, don’t feel stressed
had a similar thing right before my last smear maybe 6ish months ago (which was fine) which is reassuring I suppose

ugh hate the human body


Amazing. I love that you can talk to your bf about these things :smiley:

I mean, I can too but my bf is a bit delicate about these kinds of things. Haha!!! I think this just means I need to talk about it more so he gets used to it.

@pinchy echoing what meo and laelfy said, I’d go to the doctor and ask. I’ve had similar issues in the past, especially whilst on the pill. Also recently just before my period I’d get light spotting. My smear tests have all been fine too and it seems to have stopped! Weird.


I’m sure it’s nothing but might just be a good idea to go speak to the doctor to find out possibilities and rule things out.


He was laughing at me last night because every time I fart, I have an excuse for it.
“It was the lentils!”
“ooh I shouldn’t eat sweet potato!”
“My period makes me gassy”

when basically, i’m just a dirty constant farter :smiley:

I haven’t told him about the reusable towels i’ve been using as i’m worried he’ll think thats a bit gross and a step too far? I’m very sure he won’t cause he’s on board with everything I do but dunno why I feel odd about it???


Haha!!! Amazing.

Yeah, I don’t think he will. I think it seems cleaner than using normal pads because of the no waste thing. just wondering actually, how do you clean them?


So I soak them in cold water if I can for about a day or so then I just chuck them in the washing machine with some clothes. They come up pretty clean but i’ve started getting ones in a darker colour so if there is any staining, you don’t really see it?

I’ve started getting some custom made ones from this lady cause she advertises the pattern and you order what you want.

I’m VERY tempted by this one :smiley:


LOVE IT! So secretly christmassy :smiley: :smiley: I’m going to order some!!! I’ve been meaning to for yonks.




Guys it’s a DiS miracle, after waiting for a week my period has literally just started. Blatantly all the period chat had an effect.


I honestly think they’ve changed my life! I was pretty much getting sores downstairs from the rubbing of the paper towels and regular thrush and it was just agony for about 18 months. I couldn’t do anything to stop it, tried everything but since i’ve changed to these, it instantly went away.

I go for the 10 inch ones for day time and then a 12 inch one for nights. I tried the smaller ones but I need a bit more security!!


That’s so great, I’ve had those kinds of issues too and I won’t go near tampons anymore, not a fan. Yay!




Was having a look at other sellers, have you used anyone else? Raghag has a pattern with teeny tiny uterus’!!


Used my mooncup for the first time on my last period and it was a lot easier than I thought it’d be. Only problem was getting it out when it was full of blood and not recreating a scene from a slasher film.

On another note, apparently in colloquial German, they call their time of the month their Erdbeerwoche- strawberry week. :slight_smile:


you do totally get used to the mooncup and not getting blood everywhere, there’s a definite knack to it


I went on that pill that means you never get periods and it’s such a relief. I never really got PMT but had constant paranoia about bleeding on everything, but now I am free from the menstrual prison!!


@laelfy !!! Mine literally just started too!!! AAAAAHHH