Period Thread #SSP



I tried a mooncup a few months ago and it was a thoroughly traumatic experience! :joy:


I would just like to add aarrghurhhohh :disappointed:.
That is all, thanks for listening.


jeeez are we actually all in sync?


Genuinely think that talking about it had an effect.

@shes_so_high I also bought a moon cup but failed at the insertion stage. Don’t think I’m built for it.


I failed massively too @shes_so_high

I bought 2 and couldn’t work either. It regularly sprung out when trying to insert it and that was not good for my foof or my white bathroom.


nope :frowning:


Give it half an hour :wink:



i’m about two weeks away from mine

runs to loo to check


Bit freaky as mine started today as well.







I haven’t actually but I think other people here have.

I am looking for ones without the poppers so I can wear them to spin class!


@moderators can someone fire this into the sun please so i can repost in the boardgame thread :’(




HAHAHA damn i was hoping for a period based board game


good christ :'D


no idea why this is still showing quickly rereads instruction manual


click on the spanner over there >>> (top right), highlight the post you want deleting, then delete it


Thanks Niki you da real MVP :grin:


Very harsh, think he made a genuine mistake.