Period Thread #SSP


mine has just started, i think this thread must be having some kind of effect on everyone’s wombs


FUCKING HELL!! This is insane.


So every month I have this huge surge in my resting heart rate just before my period, my period tends to start a day or 2 after it starts to drop. Maybe explains quite a bit why I’ve been feeling so anxious this last week!


This is interesting. Is this from your FitBit?

I’m gonna get mine on payday.


Interesting read.

I’m going to try to get myself involved in a period related charity cause I feel quite strongly about reusables etc now


Yep, blew my mind the first time i saw it. My resting hr is now 6bpm lower and dropping.

Interesting, I don’t see as drastic an effect during the months where I do a lot of cardiovascular exercise. The peak is a lot lower and less pronounced so it’s possible that you might not see much.


that’s a great article


Here’s a year’s worth of data


I never really thought about it like that before. That these big brands are seen as the only option for a lot of people and those options can be damaging for your health and the environment. I feel quite bad now that I don’t use sanitary towels cause i’m thinking “ok i’m one person who uses like 20 towels a month that just go into a landfill” that feels like a lot.

I’m starting to be more conscious of how much shit I throw away and waste. Trying to go as waste free as possible in 2018.


i’ve been using a mooncup for… nearly 4 years now (!!!) and i cannot imagine going back to towels - on the rare occasion i start my period and don’t have it with me i’ll bung one on and it just feels absolutely awful, really uncomfortable and feels wrong and urgh, not to mention that weird sensation of feeling like it’s absolutely full and if you even move an inch you’ll leak everywhere :confused:

i didn’t even begin using one because of landfill or whatever, think i was just fed up of paying ££ every month for a basically inadequate, uncomfortable product, it’s only as i’ve become older that i’ve appreciated the other benefits.

keep meaning to buy those reusable ones you have though, for emergencies and back ups when i’m heavy WHY HAVEN’T I BOUGHT ONE YET?

@laelfy that chart is absolutely fascinating


I know right? The big dip in July and august was due to me going to the gym/running every day. I really need to do some more exercise!


i’ve never considered how yr period might affect heart rate until now. wanna get a fitbit and track my hr 24/7 now :slight_smile:


Oh man, wait till you see what else it can do

It automatically knows when you’re doing activities like cycling and records it - an example of my commute


so fucking cool. i do have a HR monitor i use when on the bike but it’s not easy to see the changes over a very long period of time. i love stuff like this :slight_smile:


SO COOL. I definitely need one.

I want to see what my heart rate is when i do my classes because I think I’m pushing it too far in my peloton class.


Hello :wave:

Feel like I’ve been met with a full on wave of PMT :cry: Had an intense moment of self-loathing and doubt and I know it’s all silly and it will pass but I thought I’d see how you’re all doing and see if anyone else fancied a moan too. It’s always fun to do these things together.

@meowington brought this type of pic out before and I found it extremely effective!! :heart: HUGS TO YOU ALL!! :heart:

P.S. Meo, I don’t know if I said but I got those pads!! I think they’re brilliant!! Thanks for the recommend.


Days like today i am really lucky to have nice period suffering colleagues


Aw, If I was there I’d offer you a hot water bottle!!


Had to use a tampon instead of my moon cup on the first day of my last period because I was at work and they’re shit about giving us breaks on time.


Im having to stand up in front of hundreds of people :worried: