Period Thread #SSP


I find a mooncup can be held in for longer


:frowning: Nooooo.


I also wouldn’t have had a way to rinse it out.


I’m yet to try one of these! I’ve wondered about the rinsing out in public thing…

EDIT: As in, how easy it is to do discreetly


Usually I take a bottle of water in to the cubicle with me and rinse it over the toilet.


Tricksy :smiley:

I’m wondering if I’d be confident enough to just do it out in the open. Do you get a lot of blood on your hands? I quite like the idea of appearing from the toilet like an assassin looking like you’ve just murdered someone.


I’m so obsessed with my pads. I ordered 2 more recently and they’re just SO NICE

I’m not feeling so bad this week but last week I was just horrendous and so emotional! I cried quite a lot.


I’ve got the one on the right too!!!

Glad to hear you’re feeling better this week :heart:

I was thinking today after my sob about how I still feel a bit silly if my bf catches me in one of those moods. He’s extremely lovely and very, very supportive but because he doesn’t get emotional in the same way I always feel a bit embarrassed. I’ve found listening to Adam Buxtons most recent podcasts quite good… he’s taken to getting really teary and emotional recently!! He started crying whilst listening to the Blade Runner soundtrack :joy: It’s so sweet and I totally understand.


At least he’s lovely and supportive! And getting in touch with his teary side.

My bf just tries not to make eye contact and pretends i’m not in the corner over there crying cause the bin is full up or some shit like that.
Then I get angry that he’s not acknowledging me.
Then HE gets angry.
It’s a whole scene.


I’m really funny about going out when I’m in the first two days of my period, unless it’s to a place with sinks in the cubicles. My work has loos like that, so it’s fine: sit on loo, take out Moon Cup, empty, rinse in sink while still on loo, then put back. Really annoying if you don’t have this when you need to empty it. But I’m willing to take the pain in the arseness because it’s still the best way for me to manage my period.


Does anyone else agree it should be ok to ask for a seat when you have your period? The train was super busy this morning and i had to stand and felt really sick and weak. Personally think its fine.

(Find public transport difficult anyway but particularly bad on my period. Have had pure meltdowns before)


Oh yeah sorry, I think what I wrote earlier didn’t make any sense!! I was talking about Adam Buxton getting emotional and teary, not my bf.

Adam Buxton talks about how as he’s got older has found himself getting more and more emotional, I think it’s good that he shows this side on his podcast.


i think anyone asking for a seat on public transport is totally fine and should be acquiesced to, tbh


Of course


Im too scared to ask on my train. People just barge on and shout at people to move out the way.


it’s a horribly intimidating place (trains/busses) more often than not. i’m sorry :frowning: x


There was someone coughing in my ear this morning :frowning:


people who don’t cover their mouth can genuinely go to hell


I know this was forever ago in the topic but:

This is my life also niki. I feel your pain (literally).


shit isn’t it. last few months i’ve been able to combat it, but it really really is a lottery :confused: