Period Thread #SSP


Yeah I call it russian roulette periods, who knows what kind I’m gonna have so better dose myself up on all the painkillers just in case. Thank god I was born in this century I would have probably died already if I’d lived in any other time.


I’ve mentioned this before on here but just in case there’s anyone new reading, if you have heavy periods even for a day or two I really recommend asking for tranexamic acid from your GP. It cuts my flow by at least a half and makes everything barable with no side effects. You can get it over the counter in boots but you get 5 times as much from the GP.


I always feel this and going to apply for one of these maybe


HAHA I thought you meant your bf had been listening to buckles and now started crying loads!!

Listening to Buckles well up has got me teary eyed quite a lot. I just love him.


This is a great idea. Whoever has me for secret santa can just get me this to use for a few days once a month.


So, for those of you who have bad period pains and PMT and all of that, are any of you on any form of hormonal birth control? I used to have horrible periods, both physically and mentally, but ever since I started the pill it’s been a different world to me. (I’ve not read the entire thread, just bits here and there, so sorry if it’s been covered)

Obviously not every type of birth control works for everyone, though.


Yeah i’ve been on different ones but the side effects are just as bad for me so i dont take any. So bad but it also makes guys more proactive in using a condom if you tell them you’re not on the pill.


If you don’t mind me asking, what kind of side effects did you get?


Randomly bleeding between periods, headaches, low mood.


I’ve been on microgynon/rigevidon since I was about 18. I’ve tried coming off it several times but the periods are just too intense for me and even when taking the pill, they’re still pretty bad but just for 2-3 days rather than full 7 days.

I think the pros for it for me outweigh the cons tbh. I don’t like the idea of pumping hormones into my body but I don’t want a permanent/semi-permanent thing like the coil or the implant so I would rather do this.


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Same as what DB said, I found most pills a bit of a nightmare in terms of mood swings and bleeding between periods. The only one that worked incredibly for me, Yasmin, the doctors are very funny about giving it out. I believe it’s due to the cost of it? I’m not sure though, because of that I’m just not on anything anymore, hey ho!


Yeah I’ve been on Microgynon for about 7-8 years now. First one I ever tried and luckily it just worked for me right away. I get bleedings about once a month so skipping one doesn’t really work for me, but I can plan it (like if I’m going away I just stop taking the pill a week earlier so I know I won’t be bleeding on my holiday or whatever) – and again, different world from the pain and moodswings I used to get before. My cramps would just bring me to tears and render me absolutely useless in terms of work etc for several days in a row. And the moodswings would start a full week before, and take about a week afterwards to settle down back to “normal”. So “normal” was just one week a month. Great stuff.

I know lots of people don’t like the idea of taking hormones regularly but 1) it’s a hormone fuck-up that does this to us anyway and 2) At least Microgynon and other newish types are so-called low-hormone or whatever.

Isn’t that one of the older ones with higher dosages of hormones, or that people linked to getting blood clots etc? This might just be from some of the horror stories I heard from the other girls who were also too young to know anything about the issue tbf


Oh yes! Yes it was. There was a higher risk I think :grimacing:


About the price thing though: As a youn 'un, I always thought the pill was very expensive, like £30 a month or something. No idea where I got that from. Even in bloody Norway I only pay about £15 or so for a pack that lasts me 3 months.


Feel pretty bed that I still use disposable sanitary pads :anguished:


Use whatever you need that works best for you. Periods are such a nightmare ordeal for me that I would use newly sacrificed baby goddamn kittens of that was the only thing that worked. Obv. swapping out for more environmental options is great if you are able but don’t feel guilty if you can’t.

Unfortunately they’re not an option for me, very jealous for those who they do work for! How great is birth control for stuff like this though? Makes me rage with all those religious nutters in America trying to stop women having access to it through their insurance stuff. It’s literally a godsend for so many reasons.


I use disposable tampons and pads. Don’t use as many anymore as I used to though.


I would simply be aggrieved if I had to pay for birth control!


Don’t feel bad! It wasn’t my intention. Everyone needs to do whats best for themselves and that means things like financially affordable options etc.


What, you get it for free? I was not aware of this