Period Thread #SSP


Yep! It’s free for most of the UK I think?

There are various things which means people are exempt from payment and contraception is something that is free on the NHS (not morning after pills).


I never bothered to get a GP in the UK, just filled up on prescriptions whenever I was back home.

I remember being shocked the first time I needed to get a morning after pill and being led into that tiny room to answer all sorts of questions though. That does not happen here.

Sorry if all the contraception talk is off-topic, but I find it very interesting in relation to periods and in general as well


Oh no Meow, it wasn’t you making me feel bad at all! It just counters my general attempts to be environmentally conscious. Can’t figure out out the logistics of reusable stuff for a vast variety of reasons, it gives me a headache trying to work it out (though some of these reasons will hopefully not be barriers in a couple of years).


Yeah I know what you mean! Logistically mooncup didn’t really work for me so was quite lucky I couldn’t make it work for my actual body.
And the reusable pads I have now are so great…but I can sneak about with them and wash them/dry them in secret. I’m going to have to have a difficult conversation with my bf when I move in with him in 2 months and be like sooooo i’m just washing period blood out of these things and gonna dry them on the living room radiator hows that for you


You’re lucky you got a room! The times i’ve done it, the person has been asking those questions over the counter :open_mouth:

Nah babes that is ON TOPIC and where you wanna be talking about this shit. It’s all part of these fun and games we have.


Conversely, when I move out from my family it might make the rinsing, etc aspects easier. Also, when I don’t have to share the bathroom with a toddler who is hugging my knees and trying to eat toilet paper, things will be simpler too…


I’m the same as you, used to get excruciating and sometimes debilitating pain on the first day and spent the whole day running back and forth to the toilet because of diarrhoea but getting on the pill in my early 20s was a revelation. I feel really lucky that it works for me. Still feel a bit despondent just before I come on but it’s better than the full-on despair I used to feel and it’s nothing that a sit-down with chocolate can’t solve.


I’m quite open about periods and period blood, don’t see any reason to hide any of it, it happens. Oh yeah bf just putting a load on cause i bled everywhere, nae worries.


In that vein:

I love Dominique Christina at the best of times but this poem is seriously one of my faves.


Ooh that’s interesting. Wish I knew about it when I still had my coil in - my periods were horrific!


Yeah it’s been a lifesaver these last two years. Funnily enough I was given a choice of that or the coil!


The one with hormones? I had the one without but it made my periods so heavy. I had it for more than 10 years before I decided I just couldn’t deal with it any more. Way tmi but i would bleed through the most absorbent tampon you can get in an hour!


It was the mirena coil that they tried to persuade me to get. I did some research and got such mixed reviews, I couldn’t handle the thought of having something inside me that I could’t just take out if I needed to.

Yours sounds a bit like what mine used to be like on day 2 and 3. So debilitating, no wonder I had chronic anaemia! It’s been a wonder drug for me, and I only ended up on it after I went to my gp with a sore elbow!


yeah I nearly switched to that one but decided against it in the end as I don’t like the idea of taking hormones / hormone altering things. The thought of no periods nearly swayed me though! :grin:


Oh hello cramps!


Me too! I’m on the ibuprofen…


:confused: Spent this morning sobbing at my bf because I’m worried everyone I love will die and he’s secretly not happy and wants to leave me because I am hormonal and insane. FEEL LIKE AN EMBARRASSING NEEDY MESS TODAY FOLKS.


I use mooncups as the stop my period pain but they always a leak a bit for me so I use reusable pads. Good tip for washing them is to use some napisan as it helps with stains etc


Oh nooooooo love!!!


(i did post this but it’s not appeared?!)

I am holding out on the painkillers as I feel like i’ve taken too many over the last fortnight for other pains. Luckily someone has made a vegan carrot cake so i’ve been demolishing that.