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Had a fascinating chat about periods on the Countdown site last night. Someone asked the guys online how much they’d been educated on the menstrual cycle etc at school. Most said “not at all really”, but the resident Tory of the site claimed to know “too much” about them and that it was irrelevant to him (I mean he’s gay so it’s more irrelevant to him than most but you know).

When prompted on what constituted too much, he claimed that he knew more about them than “some (really dumb) women”. Wow. WOW. A true moment in my life.

So… how much did you learn about them at school?
Period-havers: how supportive/helpful have boyfriends/male relatives/friends been (or not) on the subject?

Other period chat welcome here. So glad I don’t have them since I went on the micro pill (polycystic ovaries meant my cycles were insane - 80 days, 20 days, 78 days).

Bleed away!

Hello! I am ovulating today/tomorrow. I can tell every month because I get rock hard boobs, EWCM, and a dull ache on the side of whatever ovary is hosting the party this month and then PING it’s like an elastic band going off deep inside me as the egg erupts. I imagine it’s like beams of protons hitting against each other, hardon collider style.

I was taught FUCK ALL in school (early 90s) but I have self educated. I didn’t get periods for nearly ten years because I had next to no body fat/ was training hard at being an athlete. Those were the fucking days, I tell you.

I am v lucky that my periods are not too bad now- sometimes after a baby they can be terrible but mine have regulated well. I do however get pmt/ pmdd twice a month. Once immediately after ov (so the beginning of the luteal phase) but it doesn’t last long (a day tops) and manifests more as anxiety/ fretfulness and glumness, and then as oestrogen picks up again I feel better, only to feel shit again right before my bleed, where I feel the rage and have a visible and audible SKEIN. (for fans of The Power). I am very oestrogen sensitive (which is why I was very happy in pregnancy) I have recently learned that as my breastfeeding is well established (28 months and counting) I’m ok to take oestrogen again, so I’ll be going onto the combined pill at my next cycle, if I can persuade them I’m not a clot risk.

It’s so fab being a women and then sometimes it just isn’t. #patriarchy If it was men that bled through their fannies and went through mental torture, pain, bloating and acne twice a month, then damn right there would be a fucking ‘cure’ for it.

Edited to say I am not going to edit it to * hadron * collider


I’m quite surprised (but ultimately relieved) that I am not considered a clot risk given my weight. I put off an appointment last year for getting re-prescribed for months because I was depressed, eating a horrifying amount of junk food every night after finishing work and obviously had gained weight as a result, so was afraid they wouldn’t let me use it again because of the clot risk. Eventually decided to do it and they didn’t say anything about weight.

Feels like most guys think we are desensitised to how graphic it is and that it’s not their responsibility to be mature enough to deal with it and be supportive and helpful where necessary. Wronggg.

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Oh absolutely nothing.

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Most of what was taught was from a biological point of view in science lessons about the reproductive cycle rather than anything else. We were split between boys and girls for a few PSE lessons and I’m guessing that meant we got less info than the girls did.

Stumbled in here by accident but yeah, I went to an all boys school and was taught literally nothing about menstruation.


My first proper GF got incredibly awful periods where she’d often faint and be in a lot of an incredible amount of pain, and regularly had to go to the GP about it and try out a variety of different birth control / potential pain alleviation things, so learned fairly swiftly about some aspects of it.

But sex education for boys at my school told me nothing about anything.

Just this second learnt I don’t know how to spell ‘menstruation’

Not much at school. I was an innocent young lad and I remember getting very confused with periods the bodily function and period the thing Americans say instead of full stop.

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To clarify when I saw the American TV and they said period at the end of a sentence I thought it was referring to the bodily function and it was some sort of American joke I didn’t understand.


What’s the micropill/ Is it microgynon?

I didn’t get on well with that one, and I’m struggling to remember what I was on before (I only came off it in the summer of 2016 to get pg). I’m toying with asking for the patch or the nuvaring….

I learnt about the purely scientific mechanics of periods but nothing at all about the social status or emotional toll of them.

Thought I was being a pretty all round brilliant boyfriend by taking my then-girlfriend soup and blankets when she got her first period for about seven years, but was given an eye roll and told that a period is not a cold. She still had the soup mind.

Trying to understand periods by picking up social cues rather than being told about them is tricky. Spent a part of my teens thinking that anyone in white jeans was on their period. Thanks, Bodyform adverts.


All-boys private school :raised_hand: so approximately fuck all other than the biology of what happens.

Oh hang on, the combined pill and micro pill aren’t the same thing. I used to be on Microgynon (combined) and was ok with it - think my mood swings and propensity for depression are natural rather than pill induced! - but now I’m on desogestrel/cerazette (micro) and that’s been perfect. No periods is amazing :smiley:

My housemate is planning to use the patch when she gets married and will need contraception (no sex before marriage) as she has reacted badly to the pill in the past.

Think I learned the basics in a couple of sex ed lessons at secondary school, but not much in the specifics or the practicalities of it.

Still, even that struggled to dislodge my “understanding” of it that I was given as an eight-year-old by my then “girlfriend” (a true, mature relationship), who told me that a period meant “bleeding out of your bum” and meant you ended up screaming on the floor, and it could strike at any time, and I had visions of it suddenly happening in the classroom and me gallantly jumping up and being all “DON’T WORRY EVERYONE, STAND BACK, SHE’S HAVING A PERIOD”.


I thought I knew periods, then I got the coil. Now I know periods.
Went from light as a feather, not needed even super tampons, minimal pain, to constantly thinking I’m going to pass out/be sick/die for two days of the 7 and getting through super plus tampons in about an hour.

I mostly use mooncup not tampons though.

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I had a copper coil for about 10 years and my periods went from nothing to that scene in The Shining. I had the coil removed a year or two ago and my periods are heavier than they were before I had the coil but not as bad as when I had it in.

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I was like that after 2 kids, got a mirena and now I have to buy the super light tampons…or just use a liner.

Didn’t get much education at school to be honest about what was normal and think the boys skipped it entirely. Have always been open with my kids and think it is much more so now…

Is this the mirena coil? I was told to get it to make my periods lighter but I just didn’t trust it based on all the reviews on the internet.