Perks of the job

What minor (perhaps unofficial) perks are there to your job?

Not interested in benefit packages, smaller stuff pls.

I load my bag up with fruit from the kitchen. Use my pass to access their buildings for weekend wees, sit downs, bag storage during a tour, and as a new exciting place for m to play in when I’m broke.


Free cask/keg beer
Massive discount on bottles/cans
Samples account which I can use to send my internet pals beer


Yes! This is my kind of thread!

Found a cupboard the other day full of AA & AAA batteries. Was overjoyed to know I’ll never need to buy batteries again.


The woman in the canteen used to knowingly not charge me for the sauce I put on my rolls.

Now it’s working from bed.


Love printing personal stuff in colour that would have been just fine in black & white


Discounted/free access to exhibitions advance booking to events, money off in cafes, access to a snooker room


I’ve got an NS Business Card to use for work travel. Whenever I’ve got something going on in Amsterdam / Eindhoven / Amersfoort, I somehow need to work from that office that day, even if it’s impractical in every other way.

I don’t have a boss
I work from home
I have instant access to a cat whenever I want
Work is better suited to my body clock (not getting up at around 7 and wasting half the day half asleep because I’m not set up to be active in the mornings)


Ooo yes free sauce is so minor, i love it.

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Working in education means generally being able to blag a student discount on stuff.

At my last place I worked inside wembley stadium, got to run around all the secret tunnels and roads whenever I wanted. Used to take mates down to the pitch and into the England dressing room.


Free coccyx pain whenever I want

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When I’m working from the office, I don’t even bother with a morning coffee at home.

That way, by the time I’m in, I can use the work machines for free coffee AND I then shit on work time.


one job I had when I worked in offices had a proper cafe where they’d make you fresh coffee for free, big discounted good meals in a big, lovely cafeteria too, subsided gym membership and stuff like free Microsoft office and I think they had some Spotify discount once too.

got paid fuck all, but that was good.

They left the food cupboard unlocked in an office last Friday. I ate an entire share bag of crisps, felt a bit sick afterwards.


They’re kept under lock and key in our place for that reason. Had to take the dead batteries to swap for new ones.

I’ve started taking all my devices to work to charge there :face_with_hand_over_mouth:


Used to plan training courses as a job and if they were based in the centre I worked in and someone didn’t show up I’d get their lunch ticket

Worked with confectionery suppliers for a bit and occasionally got samples to take home, but my boyfriend got the benefit of that as it was never anything I could eat. Very minor perk of that job: I was on the same floor as the toiletries buyer and she always put handwash samples in the loos to use. Quite nice having an interesting variety of fancy handwashes to choose from. I looked up my favourite one and it was £16!

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Yes! Our receptionist told me where she hides the fancy biscuits. Don’t even like them but sometimes…i help myself anyway


Yes! Even stuff which has no relation to work! In the bag, plug it in, my desk is just covered in electronics.

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this is by far the greatest thing btw. I’m even happy to have to manage all my invoices, find work etc just for this. can’t stand bosses.