Permanently leaving a cardigan on your office chair


Devilishly cunning, breathtakingly subtle. One of the all time classic plays.


Nina Persson likes to keep my seat warm.


got a few of these here.

me? I don’t wear cardigans


I currently have TWO cardigans on my chair.

I went on holiday and came back to someone having a chair holiday. What a weirdo.


Jacket on my chair out of nothing but sheer laziness. Walk to the pegs? No thanking you.


I might get one of those beady seat covers that you sometimes see in taxis



We have hot desking now so I just have a jumper in my bag.



Mute functions

You’re on fire in this thread.


I was thinking about this the other day, but I came to the conclusion that I don’t have a cardigan that strikes that balance between being nice enough to wear in public but shitty enough that I don’t care if it went missing


More original than “Dinner?” I suppose…


something that annoys me more than it should is that every other morning I’ll come into work and there will be one of about 3 different colleagues sat on my chair talking to my other colleague and there will be a moment where I can’t immediately sit down on my chair

  • This is Annoying
  • Jeez, relax!

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I do this, because I’m one of life’s winners.




you should probably ban him for that last one. Awful :grimacing:


“sorry, but could I have my chair back please” normally works well in this situation


And by relax I mean give them a gimlet eyed stare until they go and when they apologise just wearily tell them its alright