Pernickety things you don't enjoy about where you sit - office drone-centric

I’m right next to the water cooler which is pretty sweet but what happens when the water runs out? Ol’ muggins here has to hoist the 18.9 litre container onto the cooler innit.

When I worked on the ground floor I was sat right next to the buzzer for the front door so had to buzz people through even though we had a receptionist.

What’ve you got huns?

Can I just shock you? I’m on a bean bag.


Both toilets are just that little bit too far away. And the windows are large and single-glazed which means it’s freezing in the winter and boiling in the summer.

I like your use of “muggins here” by the way.

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:grinning: you are not!

It’s orange and about 34% comfortable.

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Sit next to boss

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Tell him wrecking ball was shite

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Gets very warm very quickly, regardless of outside temperature. And of course, any requests to open a window just to allow a bit of fresh air to circulate for a few minutes fall on deaf ears.

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My back’s to the counter window so people often sneak up on me while I’m internetting.

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Whether my air conditioning panel is set to heat or cool is controlled by the IT dweebs downstairs because it was wired in incorrectly.


My boss sits directly behind me and can see what’s on my screens…


Don’t have a fixed desk because of “smart working”. This comes with its own set of annoyances. Particularly hate getting a desk with a tiny, Donald Trump-mouse.

WFH today though so everything’s peachy AF.

My office is right next to the toilet. I can clearly hear every wee through the wall. Also I have bars on the window, but of the two I’d like to not hear wee over not having bars.

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Yeah we’re swapping to “smart-working” next year. We’ll see how it goes! But it does mean more WingFH so it’s not all bad.

Aye, swings and roundabouts.

I used to be the go to containerman. Loved it. You get to make a great song and dance heaving the thing up onto the dispenser, loads of huffing and heaving. Was annoying when the waterman came with his delivery and people started sending him straight to me though.

Picturing you in your garden having a doss on the monkey bars now.

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Boss sits behind me but faces away at a ninety degree angle to my left, which means I’m always unsure if he can see my screen or not. Otherwise it’s a peachy enough position to sit in.

That would be ace.

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My desk is right next to the door so people thump down their mugs/kettle/whatever in my desk whilst the open the door - properly irks me. Also means I jump every time someone opens the door.